Happy Anti-Valentines Day!

Hello lovelies.

Hope you are all blissfully in love today (and every other day of your wonderful lives.) If you are not - don't fret. I love you and because I love you so much, I have made you a selection of anti-valentines day cards varying from educational to gross. Feel free to share them with friends and family, I bet they will appreciate it. Nothing says I love you like reality :) tehehehe...jokes.

Because I am working from home @ the moment and spent a fabulous weekend in Vancouver visiting friends and relatives, I am going to recycle my favourite previous posted anti-valentines day statements/advice (I think we are on year six of singledom? sigh. hahaha). Feast your eyes:

Fat. Naked. Dangerous - VD 2008

cupcakes, rainbows, butterflies and all that shit. - VD 2007

Go out and get yer VD on you animal xo