im awesome.

yaay went on the BANFF GONDOLA FINALLY on friday. It was sooo great! it was the perfect day so sunny and warm!! after i got to the top i got off the gondola and proceeded to hike up sulphur mountain. Don't get that excited it only took me like 20 mins from where you get off on the gondola. took some gorgeous pictures you will all see them soon i know you cant wait :)

so in other news, i have recently applied for a position as human resources coordinator here at the hotel. I would really like this job. You get to wear suits and stuff. (ok so thats not the ONLY reason why i want it, but its a definate bonus, and quite the upgrade from the scruffs i am wearing right now). so everyone wish me luck and cross two fingers, cuz if you cross any more then that you will jinx it. thanks.