Happy birthday to you...

My little brother turned 17 to day. I guess you can say hes not so little anymore. Happy birthday Stevie, Love your guts.

Isn't his little hand adorable?

- photo photocopied by the notorious stevie himself at age 3 yrs. (with a little help from momma of course.)

I'll love you till my veins explode

So I just made this background the other day inspired by lyrics from one of my favorite bands the paper cranes. I talk about them a lot so I except you to already be familiar with their music. If you aren't do it already.
p.s. does any one have a scanned or stock image of the front and back..(or just front) of a polaroid they can send to me? I don't have one. Thanks

It's the never ending story but with no Luck Dragon.

So I watched the second "Pirates" the other night and was going to write a review for it, but I stumbled across this ninja review and he took the words right out of my mouth AND now I don't have to spend the energy to write the review myself which is also awesome. enjoy


(Right now I am not going to direct post videos from youtube because it is causing trouble for some viewers and i am far to stupid tofigure out how to fix it properly.)

Good times

So I just finished making a t-shirt logo for some friends of Alexs' and I think they turned out kind of cool. They are going to the Calgary Stampede and will be representing Vancouver Island. Hahaha hopefully they behave...something about the shirts tells me they wont..

I am off to shawnigan lake to see the family and of course a good steak dinna. Stokearific!!!

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeace out. (<--im funny.)

If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, I'll follow you into the dark.

Project I did in first year of Multimedia. Its ok if you are into that really quickly put together photo collage sort of thing. I don't even know if i spelt collage right but you know what,I am not even going to spell check it. I know, I am a rebel. I DO WHAT I WANT!