Lulu - New addition to the family!

So some of you may already know, but since i am madly in love i am going to announce yet again. I am the proud new mom of a 1.5 year old chihuahua named Lulu. She weighs 6 lbs and is full grown. It was absolutely love at first sight! I got her from the pound in Nanaimo (she was taken there along with her brother), and she is definately quite the little princess. She is still a little aprehensive of men and takes quite a while to warm up to them. (We are still working on having her and steve in the same room without her running away.) But she is definatley mommys little girl because her tail is going a million miles an hour every time she sees me. She doesn't miss a single opportunity to sit on my lap! Our biggest concern when bringing her home was how Penny would react. Penny's ability to get along with her was definatley the deciding factor if she was going to be a permanent member of our family. And it is a success!! Penny has hardly barked at all since Lulu arrived and is extremely gentle and calm when in her presence. For those of you who have encountered Penny, you would know that this is definatley not normal behavior for her at all. Lulu is house trained and the vet claims her to be a very healthy young lady! Only downside is she is in heat at the moment, so is quite moody at times. We are excited to see what kind of dog she will be once she is through this phase.

I am hoping that once she is better habituated at home and used to meeting new people I will be able to take her to work for company on the graveyard shift!! If you are ever in the area please stop by and say hello to Lulu!!

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Random Acts of Lunatic-ness Pt. II

Dear mindless, bored, over observant lunatic

If I am going 40 kms/hr and that is the posted speed limit, do not motion for me to “slow down” with your hands and shake your head as I pass. I kind of like going the speed limit, (I mean if that is ok with you of course.) I think I am entitled to go the suggested speed if I so desire after a 9 hour graveyard shift at an addiction recovery center. You’re lucky I am not cruzin out of there as fast as I can, so you are welcome for that. Just because my car can go from 0 - 60 in one millisecond (ok maybe I am exaggerating) it doesn’t mean I need to use it, I only do so when in the appropriate situation. See “Long Weekend Lunatics” for clarification on when this type of driving is acceptable.

Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fabulous job of controlling ALL the traffic that drives down your DEAD END road at 9 in the morning. I can imagine the chaoticness and excessive amount of cars passing your street containing a virtually endless forest, a farm, three houses, and a treatment center. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. (But they are however, completely disregarded.) Oh and by the way, your house is right next to a stop sign, we are virtually stopped when you tell us to slow down, are you confused? Keep up the good work.

Dear dangerous, disrespectful, uncaring, under observant lunatic

Thanks for driving 80 kms/hr around a corner in your AMAZING monster truck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. I apologize because it seems as though I forgot to read the part of the road rules that states you don’t HAVE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. Its no problem at all that you drove me off the road, I had to learn the lesson somehow right? I mean, they are just yellow lines on a road right? No point in staying on your side for the sake of saving half a millisecond of time and someone’s life. I mean if absolutely necessary you could always just drive right over the top of the oncoming traffic and come out unscathed, no biggie. Thanks for giving me a new appreciation for my own life as it FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES this morning.

Dear universe,

I GET IT! I have to be more aware of my surroundings. Thanks for the MULTIPLE reminders. I notice, I see it, so you can stop with the signs now. Turn everyone back into normal drivers, point WELL taken.

Random Acts of Lunatic-ness

Letter to a Long Weekend Lunatic #1

Dear lunatic trying to play games me with on my drive HOME from Coombs, nice try.

If you are going 70 kms/hr on a 100 km/hr highway someone is going to pass you. You don’t need to take it personally and try to teach them a lesson or piss them off by passing them and slamming your breaks on and once again maintain a speed of 70 kms. They don’t appreciate having to pass you going 120 only to have you pass them ONCE AGAIN at speed of 140. That is not safe. You didn’t teach me anything except for the fact you are a complete idiot. Why can’t you just let me drive in peace. Don’t cry to much that I smoked you out at every intersection we were stopped at, its not your fault you don’t know how to drive….actually, yes it is. If you ever do that to me again I will throw eggs at your shiny gutless SUV. You will be sorry.

Love Lisa

Letter to a Long Weekend Lunatic #2

If you are getting to that age where Alzheimer’s may be a problem, please refrain from driving. It is not only embarrassing and dangerous for you, but also frustrating and time consuming for the rest of us when you try to fuel your Hyundai accent up with marked fuel 6 times in a row on the opposite side of the pump as we have to keep getting out of our cars to rip the nozzle out of your hands and re-explain to you what you just did 2 seconds before. If you get back in your car and sit there a few minutes and try again, it doesn’t make a difference. It only pisses us off more.

P.S. I don’t know if you remember, but you drove off without getting any gas at all and you left your gas tank and cap open. Have a fabulous day. I sort of hope you didn’t run out of gas because I can see that imposing a whole new challenge.

Take care, Lisa

Letter to multiple Long Weekend Lunatics

Why didn’t you tell me one is not supposed to signal on long weekends? I drove around all day in Qulaicum/Parksville and Coombs and not a single person signalled while turning or changing lanes. The only person who DID signal didn’t end up turning at all, and I in turn I ended up cutting them off. After honking at me and fingering me profusely he finally turned his blinker off a good 7 kms later. Nice one buddy. I think next time a friendly reminder would suffice that signals are not required on long weekends, because a girl can get confused with all the changes.

Sincerely, Lisa

Letter to the person missing 8 loafs of bread

You left your bread of random brands and assortments scattered throughout the malahat drive. They might still be there if the birds didn’t get them all.

Yours truley, Lisa