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I was having a nice evening chat with my (extremely talented) friend Aaron and without even realizing it at the time, out popped my very first "secret" if you will. Now rather then doing the trendy thing and sending it in to post secret, I will just keep it here for myself and a few others to enjoy. I may or may not write more about this later, its just that it is close to 2:30 in the morning and after a few failed attempts of trying to call my friend adrienne in australia (yet again) I am quite exhausted from it all and am going to go to bed.

p.s. i got to watch harry potter 3 at the IMAX tonight and let me just say it was AWESOME!

Dr.Phils advice

By following the simple advice I heard on a Dr. Phil show, I have finally found inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed that the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.

So I looked around my house to see things I started and hadn't finished; and, before leaving the house this morning I finished off:

- a bottle of Merlot
- a bottle of White Zinfandel
- a bottle of Baileys
- a bottle of Kahlua
- a package of Oreos
- the remainder of both Prozac and Valium prescriptions
- the rest of the Cheesecake
- a box of chocolates and some saltines

You have no idea how freaking good I feel.

~ excerpt taken from one of the few forwards I have received that are actually funny and valuable and don't promise me that my wish will come true if I pass it on. Brought to you by the lovely Michelle Ranta. ~

Feeling Crapulent.

crap·u·lence ( P ) Pronunciation Key (krpy-lns)n.

Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.
Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

[From crapulent, sick from gluttony, from Late Latin crpulentus, very drunk, from Latin crpula, intoxication, from Greek kraipal.]

crapu·lent adj. crapu·lous adj.

Beautiful Disaster

I would probably skrem to if i didnt get eney sleep.

Shortest story you may have ever read (but also the most compelling...no?) . Definatley no fooling around here. Short sweet and to the point is always a good approach, no need to fluff it up with useless words. I mean if the kid was crying and then he stopped you have got a solid structure : implied setting (bedroom), plot (and a thick one at that) and a nice resolution followed by an oh so happy ending. (for all of us.) Note the "Jump Rope for Heart" Logo guy lurking in the background. What on earth is he doing in there?

My brother always had this thing to write certain dates and his name completely backwards...maybe the 5 in the date is a tribute to him? Either that or me having a tiny moment of dislexia, your call I guess cuz I sure as heck don't remember. (you'd think I would the way I fondly, or not so fondly recall other vivid memories from my childhood.)

Brilliant words Lisa. Well done.

We demand that the government of canada discourage the canadian tradition of placing senior citizens on northern ice flows and leaving them to perish

So the other night at work I experienced a solid flow of american customers, who all pay only with american currency. I always politely explain that unfortunately I can only give canadian currency back and they either look at me like a deer in headlights, put up a fight right away, or pretend they completely understand only to find out that AFTER I close the bill and return their change they really have no idea at all and proceed to ask "well, this is canadian money. I need american change, I have no use for this." Here are some common interaction between myself (the sweet, caring employee that i am) and our friendly neighbouring country customer.

(please note that anything that I have placed in brackets are things I did not actually say out loud, but things I like to keep to myself until I get to write about it. Placing irrelevant information and things i choose to not say outloud has become a long time habit for me and it is the only way i can say evil things without feeling bad or having any repercussions about them because I often forget that people who read what I write do not dismiss these comments like I do.)

- hello and what can I get for you today?
- small soda please.
-And what kind of POP would you like today?
- Diet cola.
- Diet pepsi ok?
- I guess.
- O.K. that will be 2.00 please
- Is that in american funds?
- No, I'm sorry it is in canadian funds. (We are in Canada and even though for some strange reason we do have the american conversion, you also didn't tell me you were american, I don't read minds.) But I can tell you what it comes to in U.S. Funds, it is $1.80 *smiles*.
- $1.80?!? That is only 20 cents different. Isn't your dollar worth less then ours?
- Yes it is (hence it being 1.80 instead of 2.00) but the currency exchange rate just went down from 13% to 10% the other day. (and by other day I mean over a month but I don't want to make you feel bad, yet.)
- Oh wow. Ok well here is a 20$ bill.
- Thank you. Just so you know I can only give you canadian change, is that alright?
- Oh yes.
- Here you are, $18.00 is your change.
- $18.00...what am I going to do with all this canadian money? I am only in town for 3 hours.
- Oh, I am sorry. I thought you said that was alright.
- Well here, I'll just pay with my canadian change instead. what is it, 2.00?
- I am sorry, unfortunately I cannot do a refund on a transaction paid for in american currency, our tills cannot convert the exchange back so it will put me out (you had canadian change all along and decided to pay with your american $20.00 bill...what??).
- Listen. I am sick and I just want my pepsi.
- Can I help whoever is next in line? (you are sick and you are drinking pepsi??...umm i think what you need honey is some flat ginger ale.)
(customer huffs off and proceeds to sit on the bench passing demon eyes at me and faking a really bad hot flash of some sort..family comes to the rescue..they all pass demon eyes at me.)

- Hello and what can I get for you today.
- We will have (copy and paste same soda. vs pop, cola vs pepsi shenanigan here.)
- That will be (insert combination of bills and change.)
- (copy and paste the "Is that in american funds?" exchange of words here.)
- Alright well we have some canadian money here lets see what we have. Can you just pick it out for me dear, I don't know which is which?
- Certainly sir. We just need this bill and this change. (see this 5 Dollar bill? it says 5 dollars. see these quarters? they are named, look, feel and weigh the same as yours. See this dime? they are named, look, feel and weigh the same as yours.. etc etc.. you get the idea.)
- Kind exchange of words, customer walks away happy and still has no idea that our money works just like theirs and that we are not in fact a foreign country at all and that Szechwan, Saskatchewan does not exist, is not being raided by the Russians, and is not in a foreign country. (if this comment does not make sense, it will as soon as you watch Talking to Americans with Rick Mercer part I, which I have posted for your convienience at the end of this post.)

After some research such as where Americans can actually use their own currency in other countries and get away with it and I was unpleasantly surprised to find that MANY foreign countries do accept it as a form of currency, and some even use it as their primary form of currency!! So I guess it is partly not their fault, they are used to it. But don't you find that a bit self-righteous? Maybe it is actually our fault as a country and as business patrons that we accept it and should no longer. God knows in the summer here we would probably lose 70 percent of our sales if we were to do such a thing. I am pretty sure that if I went down to the States and try to use my Canadian money there (and I mean just trying to, I don't mean carrying on about it or putting on any kind of show to the extreme that we experience this issue up here.) I would seriously be considered the stupidest person in the country at that point..well at least the stupidest customer in the store, let alone possibly being considered a terrorist, anti-american among a plethora of other stereotypes and criticisms.

My question is what can we do about this as a nation?? Should we put our foot down and let the canadian dollar flourish in our own country? Or will we become another victim of dollarization like Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama who all have adopted this currency independently dating back as late as 1904? (Dollarization occurs when the inhabitants of a country use foreign currency in parallel to or instead of the domestic currency.)

I just got Shaw digital phone which gives me free long distance and 1000 minutes to call certain other countries including the United States not to long ago and I am thinking about doing some field research and calling random businesses in the states to ask them if they accept canadian cash at all. I will already know the answer (it will be no of course.) But I am just curious to set my own record straight and to see what they think of such a question. Is there anyone interested in playing a part in this project? Does anyone have any recommendations? Maybe some suggestions as to what I should ask these lucky random businesses?

I would honestly like to learn more about this subject, and more about United States in general. Please if you are american, do not take offence to this post, but rather be pro-active and maybe fill me in on why your first questions when it comes time to purchase something is "Is that in American funds?". Or why when in Canada we only have 13 provinces (10 provinces and 3 territories to be exact) and the United States consists of 50 states, we as Canadians know all of them (or close to it) from Alabama to Wyoming, Americans seem to think that Szechwan, Saskatchewan DOES exist in a foreign country? I will be the first one to admit that these problems are also a direct result of our own "Americanization." We are all to blame for submerging ourselves in american culture, current events, and history and forgetting about our own. Ask a canadian who the prime minister is (well..i guess one could not forget now that it is Stephen Harper) and then ask them who the president of the United States is? I think you may be surprised (or not) that a lot of Canadians will know that the president is George Bush and will hesitate to respond as to who is our current Prime Minister. If you were to ask an American who the Canadian Prime Minister is, what would their response be??..( I am not implying anything here, I actually do want to know, maybe it could be another question for my field research.)

Just so you know I am definitely NOT anti-american or any kind of nationist (no nationist is not a word, it is one that minn and I have come up with that means having dislike towards those from another nation). I am just pro-everything else.

I leave you now with Part I of IV ( i think that is 4...whatever.) of Rick Mercers "Talking to Americans." Enjoy.


Ninja Turtle Fiasco Debut

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Ninja Turtle Fiasco.

Can you see the pain and anguish in this picture! It is so powerful. Let me break it down for you. The people in the green represent the ninja turtles. The happy girl to the right is april of course (and in my mind the starlett of the entire show.) You will see myself in the center, quite a bit larger then the rest slightly representing some type of hideous monster and who am I playing? You guessed it. Irma Aprils secretary. What an exhilirating role. Who came up with the rule that just because I had brown hair I had to play irma anyways??! As you can see the boys who are playing the ninja turtles (Riley and Curtis) their names have been crossed out of the image. I am not sure what this represents, but whenever I did art it always had to be "to someone love lisa." No matter what it was. So looks like my mom was the lucky recipient of this fantastic piece. For comparison and clarification purposes I have included a picture of the infamous (er rather not so famous at all Irma). It was also very difficult to find an image of Irma alone! April is a camera hog and is always in the picture as well.

I am going to watch Nascar at the IMAX with my family. More fantastic art coming soon, including some from the notorious stevie nixon.

It says best before not bad after!

My name is Lisa Nixon and I am a moldophobic. ("Hi Lisa.")

So for those of you that know me well enough..(well, actually at all.) You would know me as the type of person who does not eat ANYTHING past it expiry date. Sometimes, I won't eat something if it expires the next day, you know just to be safe.

But I have been thinking. Why on earth do they put a "best before" label? When that only gives a window of opportunity to eat things past their so called "due date". For some the idea of a best before only leaves plenty of opportunity afterwards to enjoy the food, just not at its peak.

My question is, how much longer can you extend a perishable item before it has gone to far? 2 days? 2 weeks? I know that it definately depends on the type of food you are about to devour but is there a hidden date that follows the best before, where it is like the final say not kidding you better throw this away or else kind of deal? Does cutting off mold make everything ok? I am not to sure if the smell and inspect method really works for me either, cuz I kind of figure from personal experience sticking any meat up to my nose just makes me feel ill regardless of how fresh it is. Don't get me wrong, I love meat entirely, but this test method just does not appeal to any of my senses.

I would like to make a general reccomendation to those employed within the food industry. Can you please include a label that says bad after? just for clarification purposes? So that way there is no question. If its in the fridge past the bad after date, there is no eating it.

Apart from these questions and reccomendations surrounding the issue, I would also just like to say that today I am eating sandwich meat that is considered "best before" today. So wish me luck, this is a huge moment in time for me. So far, it doesn't really taste that bad. I will keep you posted.

Ninja Turtle Fiasco Prints

Now I have noticed a rather high demand for some of my peices of younger art, primarily for the so-called "Ninja Turtle Fiasco." Now Rainbow Shadow I noticed your previous comment regarding when these famous prints will go on sale and how much they will be going for. I do have a waiting list set up already and if you would like to be added to such a list please contact me via intergalatic office mail transporter, specifically adressed to "Lisa the Great". These prints are available for 4 million dollars a peice but like I have mentioned previously, they are in EXTREMELY high demand. For an extra mere 2 million you can also have your copy of the ninja turtle fiasco signed by the famous child artist, me, Rainbow Delilah formally known as Lisa the Great.

Now I can understand your anticipation for such a display, and are itching to know when a sample image will be available through the greatest blog ever created. I am happy to announce that these historic artifacts will be in my possesion by tomorrow afternoon. (Friday, June 23rd to be specific.)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (once again..as I have metioned PREVIOUSLy) via intergalactic office mail transporter or through the comment section located in the greatest blog ever created.

This is Lisa the great signing off.

P.S. This message is for my mom...uhh hey mom..I know you can't read this because of the black background so you can get steve to read it for you if you like...I'm coming home to visit tomorrow and I need the scrapbook. Love you.

The adventures of Rainbow Shadow and Moonbeam Delilah

So Myself- Moonbeam Delilah and Rainbow Shadow (formerly known as Travitron) Went to the summer solstice festival yesterday evening and boy what an event it was. Rainbow sporting his pirate t-shirt and me sporting a nice purple blanket tassels included took the festival by storm. And by storm I mean tried to mingle amongst the mass of people of a hippie-ish nature only to feel completely secluded as a sudden gap of space created itself around us. Do people really hate us that much? Do we smell? We don't really need THAT much personal space. Maybe it is because they are so terribly jealous about how much of an awesome time we are having that they are just overwhelmed with hatred towards the fun. Or maybe they are just extremely jealous of my new cree dance...we shall find out all in good time in future adventures I am sure. Either way, I Moonbeam, and Rainbow shadow both agree that on the longest day of the year people should be utilizing the extra amount of sun provided for the day by creating inventions that require the extra use of light. Like a Solar powered Rocket ship. But instead people choose to waste it away dancing amongst the brush of Dallas road. Where on earth is the productivity!! Work now play later people!!

On a side note, as the night progressed we migrated over to the Beacon Hill place you get Ice cream. (is that the formal name). And let me tell you, best place in town for ice cream. And i'm not just saying that because they have won the award for the best ice cream for like the last decade, and im also not just saying this because there is one guy working there that has been there for over 50 years, it actually is the best ice cream in town. You should try getting some fries and dipping them into it. Delicious. (Contrary to popular belief, if you do dip your fries in ice cream it is completely normal and no one will stare at you.)

Gotta go to work now, more adventures to plot.

- Moonbeam Delilah.

David Foster Star Search

I want to participate in this competition but in my application I am required to send in a cd demo of myself singing. It can either be an original composition or a cover, but the problem is I don't have any money or anywhere to record, and I have lost the demo cd I recorded at Selkirk a couple of years ago. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have to have it done and mailed by June 30th, I just really want a shot at this and I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions at all are welcome, of course other then the obvious negative ones like "don't bother doing it you can't sing anyways." Because that is something I tell myself enough so I don't need to hear it from anyone else. Thanks :)

Happy Fathers Day

To all the great dads out there, and especially mine, happy fathers day. We are lucky to have you. I love my dad!

On a clear day

So I just got back from a very cute movie. "On a clear day." It was fantastic not only because the movie was great, but also because my friend travis and I were the only two people in the entire theatre. What could be better then having a whole theatre to yourself? It was absolutely incredible. We were however, also 25 minutes early for the film...gotta get a good seat right?What was almost more incredible was the stench of human waste as we exicted the building. bleck people are so gross I had to hold my breath. We wouldn't have exited this way in the first place (we went through the back doors) but we did so because we figured if we hadn't gone to see this film on a sunday night at 9 (it was the last one playing that evening) that the staff would have gone home early. You could kind of tell by the look on their faces they were definatley not expecting us.

After the film and the expedition through the stench we proceeded to part ways when travis kindly offered to drive me to my car. And thank goodness he did because I lost it. I would have been out there until the wee hours of the morning (IN SHORTS!) if it wasn't for travis and his trusty automobile. We had driven around for what seemed like lightyears before we found the poor thing. I was so scared. and embarassed..I mean really ..who loses a car? Oh wait, I have done it once already.

One time back in the day when i worked at the good ol wal mart in nelson, bc, my mom decided to drive me home from work that day. 5 hours later my pops and i decide to take a little drive down to 7-Eleven for some late night slurpies when "Gasp!" My car is not in the driveway. Panic set in. Can you believe I didn't remember that I had driven to work that day and actually left my car down in the wal-mart parking lot???!! It took my mom dad and myself to remember!!!WHO DOES THAT! WHY IS IT SO EASY FOR ME TO LOSE MY CAR. This doesn't happen to normal people..does it?

Anyways, thats the exciting story of my sunday evening. I shall go to sleep now. Excellent times had by all.

Thanks again travis for remaining calm throughout the whole brouhaha (well actually, it wasn't a brouhaha at all I just like the word) if it wasn't for you I would still be walking around aimlessly and pouting about how cold I was, possibly leading to a mental breakdown.

"Things I figured out" - excerpt from cockeyed.com

School districts get money for each kid in class per day.
School districts get twice as much money for a kid that attends school 180 days than for one that only attends 90 days. The figure varies widely, but in California public schools, the price is about $40 a day. If you are a student who is considering skipping a day of class, be sure to contact your school administrator and see what kind of incentive he can offer to guarantee your attendance.

When drawing a cartoon, write the words first, then draw a speech balloon around them.
Yeah. Don't draw the balloon first.
Drawing the speech balloon first is like buying a hat without trying it on for size.

Liquid condensing on a cold Coke is from the air.
A cold soda doesn't need a leak to to leave a ring of water on the coffee table. There is invisible gaseous moisture in the air. If you have an ice-cold Coke, the moisture in the air cools down, and turns to liquid water on the side of your can.

Movie theatres get little of the money from movie ticket sales.
People visit theaters to see movies, and a lot of price of the ticket goes directly back to the moviemakers. Less than 10% of the ticket price goes to the theater itself. If theatres weren't selling Coke for $5 a cup, they'd be in trouble.
Not that you should feel sorry for them.

Game controllers are meant to be held gently.
Pushing the buttons harder will not make your character jump higher, run faster, or fight harder, and your thumbs will blister.

Almost all Helium balloons are powered by NUCLEAR REACTIONS.
Helium is a by-product of nuclear electric generation. Why won't Bush let the Iranians make their own Helium Balloons?

Phidippus johnsoni


So the other day my friends Jesse and Jamie came for a visit to Victoria. It was so nice to see you guys! But let me tell you a little story almost unrelated to our daily excursions.

We were at hatley castle yet again. (I know, I am totally in love with this place but I think they have caught on to me because now they charge 8$ to get in!...But of course we snuck in.) Anyways. And I was walking down these stairs and running my hand along the railing when i feel this really gross and furry thing underneath my hand and fall to the ground. So I look closely and what do I see??!


Ok. Seriously, even if you are like the toughest manliest man there is, you would still be grossed out by touching this thing. Funny thing was as I was trying to take pictures of it, I was joking around about how it was probably going to jump up and attack my face or something cuz I was so close. Yeah..Lisa went home to do a little research about her new gross furry friend and what does she find? IT IS A JUMPING SPIDER! They can jump up to 3 ft when attacking their prey! They attack their prey by by scoping them out with their eyes (they are one of the best seeing spiders in the world..and I believe it, look at those ghastly things) and then they pounch on their unsuspecting prey!! EWWWW!

And thats not it. Look at those FANGS!! holy mother! Bites from this spider are known to be very painful, itchy, cause redness and significant swelling. Some of the other symptoms include painful muscles and joins, headache, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting! This spider packs a pretty intense punch. I am so lucky to be alive right now!!! hahaha.

My roomate Michelle Is deathy afraid of these creepy crawlies so please do not make her read this post. Michelle, stop reading. Oh wait, its over... My bad :)


Ok new rule.

as much as i love your comments (i actually have some!!) the new rule is you have to leave your name when you do it. There is to many anonymous people leaving msgs and although I really enjoy deciphering who leaves what...(minn..haha) , and the concept of anonymity which I follow throughout my daily life, it is not accepted here in my little blogosphere. (and yes blogosphere is a word in the dictionary. it became official in 1997...I wish I could have invented it.)

Ok kidlets. I hope we all understand :)

P.S. And don't try to use the excuse that you wish to remain anonymous because you wish to Have no distinctive character or recognition factor and belong to "a very great, almost anonymous center of people who just want peace." cuz I'm not buying it.

P.P.S. Oh and just for the record, my hoodie no longer smells like dirt because I washed it 6 times. - This message goes out to ms. not so anonymous -The stench has finally subsided. Getting sprayed with Dirt perfume (seriously. it exsists, and I have never seen a perfume that matched its name so perfectly) Is not one of my proudest, or happiest moments of my life but I am willing to forgive..but I will definatley never forget :P haha. What are friends for hey?

Scrapbook Invasion

So it's 2am and i just finished watching the MTV Movie awards (did i mention michelle my roomie is an expert show taper? It is an art really.) and I just thought of the most excellent idea.

Since I am so interested in my younger self and lookin back on the good ol times (I mean what can I say I was a fabulous kid, an angel really and I know both my parents would back me up on this..right guys?) I decided I am going to scan some real pieces of art to put up on my site. And these are REAL genuine valuable peices of my first works as a child. Absolutely brilliant. They display such passion and raw emotion. Vivid memories from a 5 year olds mind. One of my favorites being the Ninja Turtle rejection fiasco. That moment changed my life forever. Get ready folks for this priceless collection created by a child prodigy (haha I'm sooo modest) it's unveiling will change the world as we know it.

A special thanks to my mom and dad for holding on to such a fasinating and timeless collection. Without your support this showcase would not be possible.

Hey mom, where is the scrapbook? LOVE YOU!

Riddle me this.....

How many michelle collectors are there?


ok. so here is the re-invent. I am still looking for a better font and such..but i am tired of sorting through code that i can still hardly understand so here it is for now. Other then the fact that you can hardly read it, what do you think? Kind of retro 80s inspired and i am a fan of tacky. so expect to see lots of really gross yellows and pinks all over this unit. youre going to love it because well. you love me.

love is all around us.

can someone please tell me why some of my headings are green? they should all be PINK. PINK PINK PINK!! help me...(minn??)

Conversation Piece

"The Tale of Epic Porportions - condensed version"

I thought I would wait just long enough and a day until i revealed my epic tale. Alas, here it is.

So I have left the comfort of my parents home to move into the "city." My apartment is a 2 bdrm newly renovated (with tile floors!) and I am sharing this lovely little package with my roomate michelle who has already been previously introduced. I have been here just over a month now and I love it. Other then the fact that we have on numerous occasions flooded out the unit below us and have been visted by the plumber a few times, I think the problem is cleared up now, leaky pipe or something? It has a pool , sauna and gym which I have visited a few times but hopefully I will frequent it more often now that I have REAL DAYS OFF!! I haven't had 2 days off in a row since easter so I am definately enjoying it...but at the same time i also get bored rather quickly.

I have yet another new job at the museum. I have taken a leave of absence from Old Navy and now work strictly at my two jobs at the museum. For stalker-ish purposes (i get my insecurities of disclosing personal information via the internet from minn..thanks a lot.) I am not going to at this time disclose exactly what the positions that I hold at the museum are, but those of you that are close enough to know me at all will know what these positions entail. nuff said. My new job is exciting and more rewarding then others I have had in the past, but I am also finding it quite challenging, but also includes a substantially higher wage then previous positions so I'm sure I can tough it out. Now that I work under the government umbrella I am hoping this is just the beggining to something even greater, but all in good time.

My friends Minn and Kelly (shes probably going to kill me for saying her name twice..for stalker-ish reasons once again..haha sorry you gotta love me anyways). just came to visit me and it was so nice to see them. We had an awesome time, best place we went was Hatley Castle and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Victoria has 2 castles still standing Craighdarroch and Hatley, and they were both owned by the Dunsmir Family. Hatley Castle was built in 1908 for James Dunsmuir who was a coal and rail baron (like his father) who also served as athe Premier and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Hatley Castle is also home to Royal Roads University and resides on 565 acers of gardens and forest, and serves as a bird sanctuary as well. (can anyone find the peacocks? Its probably just a tape they play...)I

Ishiburo Kishida, the individual who designed the Japanese Gardens at Hatley Park, was also responsible for the beautiful Japanese Gardens at the world renowned Butcharts Gardens. During the Dunsmir era this vast garden was operated by over 100 gardeners round the clock. Could you imagine how much it would cost just to keep your backyard looking like that? exhausting! Within Hatley Park you will also find some of the largest and oldest trees in BC. One of them is well over 6 feet wide!!

Ok enough with the history detour, were back on track. Anyways, I really do reccomend going to Hatley Park even just to see the gardens. They are free and did I mention they are beautiful?

It was sad to see my friends go, but I had been working the whole time they came to visit and I was exhausted and probably wasn't the funnest for them *sorry guys*.

I just bought some new rollerblades. They are a bit of an eye sore, kind of looks like I am ready to go onto Gladiators or something, just need to get some spandex. But apparantly they are going to "blow my mind" with the difference in speed and control compared to my last pair... so we shall see how that goes.

Today I went for a little tour of Mt.Douglas. What a gorgeous place with a gorgeous view, I will definatley be spending more time there I hope. Just in case you dont believe me about the view, here is a pic to prove it.

Well that is about it for the condensed version of my tale of epic porportions for now. To some of you this may come as a dissapointment because I know you have gone through quite the withdrawl from not reading a post in a while..I know its hard. But I am back with full force so brace yourselves. This is Lisa signing off.

Umm..ok signed off?..what do you say after you said you are signing off..do you just leave..or do you say like Thank you? or do you apologize for leaving?..hmm...