healthy communication

Today I witnessed a beautiful thing. It was two young girls no older then 4 or 5 having a simple conversation.

Girl #1 - I don't really like hanging out with you.
Girl #2 - Yeah, I don't like hanging out with you either. It is really boring. I am so bored.
*go back to colouring....10 minutes later*
Girl #2 - I don't want to have to share a fishing rod with you later.
Girl #1 - I really don't want to share a fishing rod with you either.
*go back to colouring....30 seconds later*
Girl #1 - Want to come to my house for a sleepover tonight?
Girl #2 - sure that would be SO AWESOME!!!!

It's like, they got to say how they felt in the moment, accepted each others feelings and moved on. Oh the beauty and lessons that children bring to my life! I am so grateful for their wisdom :)