Single on Valentines is shit?

So I have this thing called blogpatrol that tells me where people are referencing my blog from. It is usually empty, as it hardly gets any traffic other then my mom (who can't even read it) but I'm ok with that. But yesterday, I see that someone has stumbled across my blog by typing in "Single on Valentins is shit." I don't understand how this could be possible, so I have to see for myself, and there is my blog in all its glory, the first site to come up on google. Now don't get me wrong, I was stoked to see I was actually googable for the first time in my life (yay) (well actually second, you used tobe able to type breath tattoo into google images and it would show up first but all of a sudden i dissapeared and lindsay lohan was all over the place...weird..not like I check or anything.) Anyways, What I am trying to say is, I have never said Single on Valentines is shit. I have no idea how google managed to associate those particular keywords with my blog, perhaps it can read my mind? I wouldn't say being single on valentines is shitty, I have written in the past at actually how positive an experience it can be (sweatpants at home with junkfood and sappy movies, or even sweatpants out in public if you are adventuruous.) So I remain perplexed but sickly charmed.

Because I am enviro friendly I like to recycle, and because I like to recycle I will post my old valentines day spiffs for you to enjoy. (yeah right. It's cuz I'm lazy and can't think of anything witty or charming to write this year.)

On that note, Happy Saturday y'all. Go out and get your VD on.

(For those of you to whom I sent this out as a link, I apologize. I am not skilled enough in the facebook world to figure out how to simply send you an image. Please accept this as your valentines card, if you managed to make it to the end of this post without going what the f*%&, congrats.)