So I know It's been a decade since i wrote last...ok maybe just shy of a month, but im sure to you it feels like FOREVER. right? ok just pretend. But seriously though I have been so busy. I have one full time job (that i have been at for over a year) and one part time job both at the museum. It's going really well but on top of that I am also going to school part time for Medical Terminology. (thank god it is online, id never make it to class.) You can usually find me writing my exams and studying for this course in the wee hours of the morning. I bet a lot of you can't say you have ever done an exam at 2am. ANYWAYS. And to make matters even MORE complicated, I am moving in less then ten days and have yet to start packing YIKES and for the past week I was sick with a fever maintaing a healthy level of over 102.5 degrees. Such a fever can lead one to do this slightly irregular, like claim people are cutting the insides of your arms or crawling around on the floor and yelling like a lunatic. Either way, those days are over and with a few more tests and doctors appointments I'll be well on the road to recovery. I don't even really know when my next day off of work is, but lets not be a buzzkill and think about my lack of time off some other time.

So the other day I went up to the Sooke Potholes with my roomate michelle. It was a brilliant time. We walked all the way up to Hideaway beach on the galloping goose and followed the road next to the river back and stoped at every single beach. We decided to skip "skipping rock" beach because we thought that would be apropriate. On our travels we did come across a rather perplexing piece of sinage. Feast your eyes.

Now there are two groups of people who this sign may confuse. Those groups consist of dumb blondes (ok no offence to the hair color) or complete Geniuses who take everything rather literally. (being the catagory I fall under....is that even how you spell genius?) Some of you may be wondering, like myself at the time, how it was humanly possible to be driving your car WITHOUT its tires touching the pavement. Such a thing would imply that this road does in fact not allow any traffic at all. But if one were to ponder on it just a little longer, they may come to the conclusion that this sign actually translates into "if you park on the side of the road and you are not pulled all the way over, we will tow you, so get the hell out of the way."

Rather then following the directions of these oh so clear instructions, we decided to be ignorant. I give you specimen # 2.

That's right park rangers. I in fact have TWO tires touching the pavement. Now don't get your panties tied up in a knot. We only parked to take this picture and we left PLENTY of space for the zero amounts of traffic that passed for the duration of this shot. One request though. Please make your signs more clear. You are confusing the geniuses and the blondes, and I don't know what one would be more dangerous in this situation.