Ninja Turtle Fiasco Debut

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Ninja Turtle Fiasco.

Can you see the pain and anguish in this picture! It is so powerful. Let me break it down for you. The people in the green represent the ninja turtles. The happy girl to the right is april of course (and in my mind the starlett of the entire show.) You will see myself in the center, quite a bit larger then the rest slightly representing some type of hideous monster and who am I playing? You guessed it. Irma Aprils secretary. What an exhilirating role. Who came up with the rule that just because I had brown hair I had to play irma anyways??! As you can see the boys who are playing the ninja turtles (Riley and Curtis) their names have been crossed out of the image. I am not sure what this represents, but whenever I did art it always had to be "to someone love lisa." No matter what it was. So looks like my mom was the lucky recipient of this fantastic piece. For comparison and clarification purposes I have included a picture of the infamous (er rather not so famous at all Irma). It was also very difficult to find an image of Irma alone! April is a camera hog and is always in the picture as well.

I am going to watch Nascar at the IMAX with my family. More fantastic art coming soon, including some from the notorious stevie nixon.


Anonymous said...

Lisa let me just say what a fantastic peice, the multiple emotions of the characters in your painting as well the scribblings purvey many mixed juvenile feelings. Noting that this is also a signed original, I would have ninja turtle fiasco insured for no less than 500,000 pounds.
Rainbow Shadow, executive antiquitist of antiques road show.

Anonymous said...

Irma appears in most episodes and gets kidnapped by Shredder often.