Only Lady Gaga can turn a lovely christmas carol into a vivid song about spreading stds. (at least that is what it sounds like to me)

If you haven't heard it, here are some of the lyrics (in the tune of tis the season to be jolly)

Light me up put me on top falalalalalalalala
the only place you want to be is underneath my christmas tree
Hoe hoe hoe under the mistetoe
my christmas tree is delicious

and my favorite
here, here, here
the best time of the year
take of my stockings we're
im spreading christmas cheer

After hearing this song, I only pray shes taking medication to prevent spreading her christmas cheer throughout the rest of the year...yikes.

so gross. I wish I could give her props at least for being original, but shes stolen her groove from gwen stefani and her vulgarity from lil kim. Comon...its soooooooooooo been done before *yawn*.

Thanks Lady Gag for being such a classy lady.

Happy Holidays everyone.