Life Lessons

Little people are so fantastic. I overheard an argument going on between to little brothers the other day which ended in a sharp "I hate your stupid bum" remark as the youngest peeled out of the driveway on his tricycle. For a 3 year old, those are some pretty intense words. Whatever they were arguing about must have been rather heated and important. I secretly wish that I could end disagreements in comments such as this and get away with it. Just like how when I see a little boy run full boar into a glass window at the mall, I feel bad for the poor kid and the egg that will develop on his forehead in a few seconds, but I am also jealous. Jealous that the mistakes and choices I make in life have a far less instant and abrupt response. I bet he knows right away that running into the wall wasn't the best idea. Life would be so much easier if at the moment you make a decision you are likely to regret, a glass wall instantly rises letting you know it was the wrong one. But no. If this were to happen, we would mostly likely run right through it and be left to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. As adults we have to learn from our choices and mistakes. There is always underlying motives for our actions, like a secret code to decipher. How bloody infuriating. It is even more frustrating when I have learnt the same lessons time and time again. Its mad you know, to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Oh to be 3 years old again.

p.s. I have already failed in my attempt to accept compliments. I didn't want to admit it right away, but it really was only one day into the challege. So, here we go again. Attempt #2 begins.

Thank You. That's it, just thank you

So at work I have been given an assignment....of sorts. I have been aware of this particular characteristic of mine for quite some time now. (some may call it a flaw...I call it word vomit). Anyways, my mission is to accept a compliment without any with and or butts to deter the conversation as to why I do not deserve such a compliment in the first place. Cue examples:

You: "Wow Lisa, I love your hair."
Me: " I haven't dyed it in over 6 months, I am not dying it again because I can't afford to anymore, see my roots they are hideous...etc."

You: " I love your shirt"
Me: " Oh this? I got it second hand at Value Village which I might add is not thrifty shopping, it's like second hand shopping for rich people...(insert a lengthy one sided conversation about the costly old navy jeans to follow here)"

You: " You made (insert some form of artistic/creative capability here)? It's amazing"
Me: "You won't believe how easy it was" or " I got this inspiration from here and here so I can't take the credit as it wasn't in its original form my idea...etc etc etc..."

By now you may start to understand what I am getting at. Compliment me directly and you are about to endure on a rather lengthy explanation about a. why I don't deserve the compliment or b. a complete explanation about how whatever it is you are trying to acknowledge came to be WITHOUT my help or direction.

It isn't as thought I don't truly believe I deserve (most) of the compliments I receive. This is why I am making a conscious effort to thank people and accept the compliment as just that, an acknowledgement of ME period.

If you wish to help me out on this endeavour feel free to leave a comment/compliment/acknowledgement or even criticism. Another thing that comes with the ability to graciously accept a compliment is to be able to do the same with criticism (in a constructive manner). I do ask that you keep the character bashing to a minimum but if you honestly have something you would like to say, please do. I figure if I have the opportunity to think about what I say before I say it on here, I may just be able to say thank you and leave it at that. Here goes nothing (or everything, depending on how you look at it?) oh god lisa just hit the publish button already....