Love letters

Dear Lord of the tards,

youre gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna get it.....bizitch.

mwuhahahaha. good will always triumph over evil, remember that jackass (es) . :)
you're welcome.

Best wishes.

love, Lisa xoxo

p.s. why you got your panties up in a bunch?

Happy Holidays

So I spent my christmas with the family up island and had a fantastic time. There is nothing that i enjoy more then forcing my family to play board games (this is the one time of they year they know they can't say no) and watching home movies such as : the epic puppet show featuring Lisa 7 years, steven not old enough to understand. I only had one day off (christmas day) but it was a golrious day off full of chocolate for breakfast (pancakes to) and good solid quality family time. I was spoiled yet again and got a new razor v3t cell phone and an adapter for my car deck to power my ipod through my stereo system. Was a bit of an inconvienience when my car decided to break down on christmas day, but dad the super mechanic came to the rescue and 500 dollars later, she runs like a beaut. (and she should for that much money.) gak. So now it is back at the grind for me at work, we are hella busy, and my next day off will be the next holiday Jan first. I don't have any plans for new years eve other then reading watching movies and painting, but if anyone has any plans i would like to consider them for myself...I don't really feel like going out and paying 25$ + for cover to a place i don't really normally enjoy that doesn't end up being any different then a regular night out with the exception of longer lineups and more expensive drinks. But I am willing to take any offer/suggestions you might have into consideration.

Anyways, gotta get ready for another day in movie hell. Wish me luck.


so my blog has hit the 1000 mark. celebration commence. wohoo to me.(and no, 999 of those hits are not from ME checking MY website to up the count. I made it so my views do not effect the counter...otherwise it would probaly be at lik 10,000 by

p.s. i am awesome.

p.p.s. i have really white teeth. im so proud