So the other day i was driving downtown with my brother, and as i proceed to go through a GREEN LIGHT which is globally known as the GO color, a girl pedestrian decides to start walking across the street. so of course, i put on the breaks and then once again continue to drive through expecting her to realize that shes got to patiently wait on the side of the road. But NO. Rather then being patient and kind, she decides the only appropriate thing to do in this situation is SPIT ON MY WINDOW!! And I don't mean a tiny little girly spit. I mean this girl lougied allllll over my window. I drove around for a bit to try to find her and give her a talking to about respect, but I figured it was for the best cuz who knows shes probably got a freaking machete stuffed in her you know what.

Which brings me to my next story. I got a flat tire last night and had to change it by myself. (from driving onto the curb..and I don't mean just one wheel I mean my whoooole much for trying to avoid accidents) I know this is an easy task but I've always had a brother or a dad to do it for me. But nope, I did it all by my lonesome and I am proud. But I couldn't believe the number of people who drove past and WALKED past me without so much as a "hey, need any help?" One guy actually walked by my in disgust, like he couldn't believe what I was doing. I bet if I was a supermodel those guys would have been there in a second and I wouldn't have had to lay a finger on that car. Well guess what. I don't need your fucking help. I don't want your help. It's to bad for you because if you hadda helped me you might have gotten some kind of recognition or some free IMAX passes (and we all know those are like gold. at 10.50 a pop who wouldn't want one) or at least some good freaking karma but nope, you get nothing.

Thanks for making me realize once again how truly pathetic people can be. Thanks for also reminding me how totally awesome I am. I will never be like any of you. You're welcome.

P.S. Don't you EVER spit on my car again. Next time you will not get away with it. I promise.


Jboo said...

buncha dicks i tells ya. Im glad you turned that around to realize that they are a buncha jerks and you are a good person. there are so few of us left ;)

have a sunshiny smiley day. I am.

bean said...

She spat on your car? What the heck is wrong with people these days?