here i am!

Accepting Applications - this is not a joke

Ok...this is it. Another one of those "laying it all out on the table" deals. So..heads up.

Since I have been writing a lot lately about what other people have, what I do not have, What I don't like in general..I'm going to change it up here. So here it goes with what I DO want. Who knows how it will work out, I sure don't.

Anyways this will be (hopefully) the one and only time I say this....ever..sooo listen up.

I want a boy friend. Or a boyfriend. It doesn't matter. I used to have a lot of guy friends growing up and I really miss the simplicity. Not that girls aren't spectacular ( I mean comon I'm one of them so we are obviously perfect.) Buuuut..I miss it none the less. I have found as of late that I have been drastically lowering my standards and have been completely shocked by the results. Now for clarification purposes, when I refer to "standards" I simply mean what I find attractive in a persons CHARACTER. Lately I have been going for guys that In my mind are the worst possible choice (i.e lacking some major social skills) and you know what I have found? They are even MORE picky when it comes to looks then the vainest drop dead gorgeous guys out there. Ha, and I thought they were single because they lacked character. Turns out they are waiting for their Swimsuit model gf they developed through some computer program to pop out of the screen. Reality check boys. Get a grip. So what I am looking for are as follows:

I want a guy that has a passion for SOMETHING. I don't care what it is. From Basketball to lawn bowling, Guitars to flutes, drawing to writing, excavating to unclogging really doesnt matter. What is important is that you posses something in your mind that focuses on things other then just "hanging out and partying and smokin bluntz and girls...etc." these things are not hobbies, they are merely ways for bland people to waste their lives away. Don't get me wrong, going out and having a good time is definitely important, but it is not something that we need to dedicate our lives to. That spiel is so old, so don't even get me started.

Secondly. Yes it is possible to be friends with the opposite sex who you are not attracted to. I think that one basically explains itself so why don't you give it a shot. I mean you aren't friends with your guy friends because you find them good looking....or are you?

Sense of humor is a bit important, but what is more important is that you laugh at my jokes whether you think it’s funny or not. It’s really not that hard, just like this. Ha...ha...ha? right. next

Honesty and integrity are two really important things to me. I think all solid friendships and relationships are both built on a foundation of trust. If you really gave me a chance and took the time to get to know me, you would find a girl who though appears shy at first (though not for long..its more like a nanosecond) is bursting with energy, passion for life and learning, and so much love for my family and friends its almost incomprehensible.

I love to laugh (most of the time it is at myself). I love everything music related. I enjoy playing the piano and trumpet but my musical passion is singing. I also enjoy Graphic Design, photography, movies, tennis, biking, camping, concerts, the ocean, the rockies and a plethora of other things. (wow..this is really starting to sound like a want ad isn't it. oh well, I'll roll with it.)

I really haven't asked for a lot here. With all my heart I just want to meet a guy I can get along with and laugh with. Seems like these days I could be asking far to much. Am I really all that bad? What is it, am I scary? I can tone the scare factor down a bit if you like. Do any of you exist? Or is this just completely a lost cause? Maybe I need to learn a skill some people refer to as "flirting". I like to call it cheese, but hey if that’s what it takes then I am down. Lessons anyone? Any flirting masters out there? Here I come Dr.Phil (he seems pretty fly).

Oh wow. I scare myself sometimes. This is a pretty ridiculous post, please don't laugh to much (just for the record this isn't one of my jokes so don't worry about laughing this time, I'll let you know when you can.)

That's it for the night. Have fun reading my chapter book. Congratulations if you made it this far without leaving.


Hello once again. I have been noticing lately along with the abundance of rain we have been recieving, the plethera of different ways numerous weather channels have come up with to try to make it seem like the weather is changing when really we all know...its just rain. Here are a few of my favorites:

Cloudy with periods of light rain
Cloudy. Some rain is likely
Rain likely
Rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers late Chance of rain 80%. (ok...does not mean it is basically just going to rain all day???....)
Chance of showers
Windy with periods of rain
Windy. Rain very likely
Mainly couldy and rainy
Chance of showers.

The common denominator in every single one of these weather descriptions? They all have a 80% chance of percipitation. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

My question is...isn't it quite easy to assume that if it is raining there WILL be clouds? I'm pretty sure that when I am walking down the street on the 26th day of consecutive non stop rain I am not very likely to say "wow, it has been quite windy today with periods of rain." No. I'm most likely to say "Oh what, its raining? huh, I didn't notice. Must be because I am soaked to the bone and have been for the last 26 days so I kind of just blend in with the weather." Why can't they just say. "Rain for the next 30 days." and just have it covered. We could all have the next 30 days written off, it would be so simple!

Does anyone else have different ways they have heard to say it is raining? If you do I would like to add it to my post so let me know!

Nations Snowmen March Against Global Warming
definatley worth reading..this is hilarious

Off the record - what i really want

Hello everyone. Brace yourself, this one is going to be a bit heavy.

I have decided to half apologize for the way that I act on some of my posts. Please understand that I do not mean most of what I say, and if I do its only a tiny little feeling inside me that forces its way out into a big overdramatic sarcastic and completely cynical rant. Some of you...if you know me or not, are getting the wrong impression because of the way I write. I talk the way I do in here because in the real world I could NEVER do or say these things in real life. I am to honest and to good natured of a person to even consider it. I have started to treat this site (mostly because I feel like no one reads it anyhow) that it is my own personal private journal that I can write and feel whatever I want wether I mean it or not...Apparantly that is not the case.

If you must know...heres the truth right out there on the table. I am not so happy these days, and I honestly could not tell you why. I have the best family a girl could ask for, a gorgeous rent free place to live (haha..for now until my parents cant put up with my messy chaotic ways any longer), awesome friends (you know who you are), so one could interpret my bad attitude into thinking I am acting like a spoiled brat. I am spoiled and I can be a brat a times, but it does not affect how I feel on the inside. At this point I really don't know what the key to my happiness is, and If I did I would change it in an instant.....but I just want you all to know that I am working on it.

In regards to my last post (just for the record) I do not actually feel hatred towards those of a skinnier wasteline. I merely feel frustrated the way a select few of the female population go to such great lengths to utilize this asset in any way that they can. And you know what, they should because they have probably worked harder then most of us know to get there. I feel even more frustrated that the majority of the male population will fall for it...more then once. And we all know that this whole thing can be taken vice versa as well. But you know what? the world keeps on turning. (well not for long with all the talk of the H5N1 virus that is soon to destroy 20% of the worlds population in a matter of days but that is another story all together...don't tell anyone but I am actually a tiny bit worried about it all).

So thats me for now In a nutshell. I am just a 21 year old single girl who has no idea what she is going to do next in life. And I guess that is the exciting part. I have the choice now to do whatever I want, and its up to me to change the things in my life that I am not satisfied with. So....I will keep you all posted on my progress. Have a good night. Love you all.


wanted - fat sucking machine

does anyone have a fat sucking machine that i can borrow to suck every inch of fat off of my body and put it towards something useful like a giant body pillow (no pun intended.) Because all I want to be is a skinny manipulative bitch so I can play with boys feelings and take all of their money and leave them nothing but an empty soul in return. So if anyone has one of these machines and is willing to lend it out (I dont have a whole lot of money at the moment, maybe we can do a trade off I have a time machine in pretty good working condition here) please let me know asap.

I am so furious I could scream. I think i will scream.

Caucasian Achievement Awards

ok. This has gone to far for my liking.

I am all about eqaulity and respect for diversity and all cultures and everything..but why does everyone feel the need to places themselves apart??? Take the "Aboriginal Achievement Awards" for example. What is it that an Aboriginal can achieve that I cannot? (and vice versa.)
If I even mentioned the thought of creating a Caucasian Achievement awards I would certainly get my behind kicked along with who knows what other forms of beating?!??

In a society that is so focused on eqaulity why do we have shows like "Black Entertainment Television"? I mean do you really have to flaunt the fact that black men and women tend to superceed the rest of us at most sports and entertainment, so much in fact that an whole television program needs to be devoted to it?

Why are there entire DAYS AND PARADES dedicated to being a homosexual?? I think its great and all for you to show your love for eachother it is a beautiful and precious thing, but is a overly publicized parade, day, or even weekend necessary to do so??

Where is the White Entertainment Television and the Straight Pride Parade that I so deserve?

p.s. do not be offended by this post, it has no bearing on what I truley believe. I am just unfourtunately inhabited by a very cynical sense of humor that I cannot control. (If you haven't noticed.....)

For the die hard Chuck Norris fan....

Now i dont know what it is about Chuck Norris phenomenon..but what I do know is this pretty little top 30 list is some delicious material. it up kiddies.

p.s. thanks to james the great for providing me with this lovely resource. cheers

is this how its really meant to be?

My yesterdays are all boxed up and neatly put away
But every now and then you come to mind
Cause you were always waiting to be picked to play the game
But when your name was called, you found a place to hide
When you knew that I was always on your side

Well everything was easy then, so sweet and innocent
But your demons and your angels reappeared
Leavin' all the traces of the man you thought you'd be
Leavin' me with no place left to go from here
Leavin' me so many questions all these years

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally
This isn't how it's really meant to be
No it isn't how it's really meant to be

Well they say that love is in the air, but never is it clear,
How to pull it close and make it stay
Butterflies are free to fly, and so they fly away
And I'm left to carry on and wonder why
Even through it all, I'm always on your side

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear
Or are we left to wonder, all alone, eternally
But is this how it's really meant to be
No is it how it's really meant to be

Well if they say that love is in the air, never is it clear
How to pull it close and make it stay
If butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away
Leavin' me to carry on and wonder why
Was it you that kept me wondering through this life
When you know that I was always on your side

this could be the most exciting month of the year!

Good news everyone. My friends are coming to visit meeeeeeeeeeee!! Here is a little ..itnerary if you will.

THERESA AND ADRIENNE will be arriving in Vancouver on the 16th of Jan and i will be spending the night at the fabulous Fairmont Waterfront!!
(sure is nice to have some friends kickin around still all up in the Fairmont business!!)

And then we are headed back to the island with an extremely quick and action packed 3 days until they have to return to lake louise. :( i know sad right, its definatley a short visit but i will take what I can get!

MINN will be arriving the 26th of Jan and is staying for a whole week! We have so much planned already. We will probably hit the town on the friday and then gathering up some friends and heading out to Tofino for a fun filled weekend at Crystal Cove!

Good times are definately ahead. Lets just hope it doesn't rain the entire time.....wishful thinking i know i know.

So if anyone has any ideas on what we should see/do around vic and the tofino area please let me know for sure I love being a tourist!!!

Thats all for tonight. I may be to excited to sleep tonight but well see.

Coal Now Too Expensive To Put In Christmas Stockings

December 21, 2005

CHICAGO—With winter's onset driving the demand for surface coal to record-high levels, the mineral's cost is now beyond the reach of low- and middle-income Americans who wish to punish their naughty children. "Coal in one's stocking is meant to serve as an admonishment or warning, not as a dependable grade-B investment," said William Menchell, a commodities adviser for T. Rowe Price. "In today's market, children should only have their stockings stuffed with lumps of coal if they have been studious and obedient, and show an interest in long-term investments in the energy sector." For more affordable punitive options, analysts point to the relatively stagnant switch market, which could soon go the way of coal if demand increases for combustible wooden sticks.

- the onion


yay canada for winning gold

happy freakin new years.

its 2006 (and it only has been for 5 days)..not 2010. so please stop talking about the olympics as if it is going to occur tomorrow. It's not going to be tomorrow..or even the next day..or even the week after that. The Apocalypse will probably happen between now and then anyways, so don't even bother.

On another new years resolution is going to be once again as it always has been and will continue to be.."1280 X 1024". Unlike some people, my resolution is consistent. It is something I manage to achieve, maintain and stick with EVERYDAY. It does not "yo-yo" and it is not something i shove to the back of my closet/life until the next new year comes around (applause.) It is a goal set by myself and conquered by myself, and I am positive that this is not something the rest of you can say about YOUR new years resolutions :)

Well..thats that for now. Minn is coming to visit me on the 26th and we are going to have a blast. Tofino and some of the Gulf islands are on our plates for sure as well as some good hikes at each location. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? Anyone know of anything important going on at all possibly in Vic/Tofino and anywhere in between? Feedback is much appriciated.

Thank you good night.