am i acting my age?

So I am going to be 25 in a few days. Excuse me while I take a moment to throw up a little in my mouth.....

Anyways. In celebration of turning 1/4 century old (my parents will like that. It is in fraction form instead of money. This inside comment will not make sense to anyone else, but believe me, this is a good thing.) I have compiled a list of the top 25 things that remind me I am getting older. By compiled, I mean I thought of them just now, at the top of my head while I procrastinate on doing the laundry or anything else equally productive. Begin.

25. I change the radio station when music comes on, so I can find things like the road report or the news.
24. I enjoy the "flashback" lunch music hours on the radio station.
23. I know what a nightgown is. I may or may not own one.
22. People call me "ma'am or lady." Ha! If they only knew.
21. I think clothing over 30$ is expensive.
20. I wake up before 9am on the weekend.
19. I wake up early before 9am on the weekend to attend garage sales.
18. My idea of a good gift is a weed eater, it makes me happy.
17. I own placemats.
16. I am appauled when I see a young person texting on their cell phone and painting their nails at work.
15. I am jealous of young persons ability to use a cash register with wet finger nails.
I4. I use my cell phone to call people.
13. I took a break from formulating this list to put in another load of laundry....out of guilt.
12. I still don't understand twitter. I only know it as a somewhat useful and at times innacurate form of news updates.
11. I went to San Francisco primarily to see the Academy of Sciences.
10. My first CD was New Kids On The Block
9. I get excited when I see "reduced for quick sale" at the supermarket.
8. I have plugged my ears at more than one rock concert.
7. My friend Alex brings my new wrinkles to my attention (just in case I wasn't aware)
6. I don't dye my hair in an attempt to have more money to pay bills.
5. Starting a program of interest at university would mean finishing when I am over the age of 30.
4. I traded in my subscription from Lou Lou and Cosmo for Canadian Living and Scientific Mind
3. I talk to my pets like they listen and understand what I am saying.
2. I have to set a time limit for myself before I enter the Michaels store.

1. I have been loved on so much by family and friends in my life thus far, you would think I would be turning 100 in order to fit it all in :)

Thank you to everyone who is a part of my life. I love you all so much.