Am I that old?

So I turned 23 on the 15th of this month. I don't feel 23, but I am constantly reminded by the amount of babies and marriages practically flooding my friends list these days. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful babies and weddings, but are we all really at that point in our lives? One part of me fears I will never get to that stage in my life, but another is grateful that I have my entire life ahead of me to experience it. I guess my plan to adopt kind of helps me out in that i don't actually need a husband to start my own family. But I am FAR from ready to even think about adopting, financially and emotionally. But I have my little chi lulu and a pending "big brothers big sisters" application to help fill the void. :) I am much happier these days though. I couldn't tell you exactly why, only that I am finding myself appreciating the little things and taking time out for myself, and not letting anything hold me back from doing what I want to do. Like going to SEATTLE!!

My mom and I took a trip down to Seattle in celebration of my birthday. It was originally planned that my best friend would be joining me for a week, but she hurt herself pretty badly and couldn't make it out. Rather than wallow in my own self pity (don't get me wrong, I was upset but mostly for her having to experience pain) I decided to do most of the things we had planned anyways.

Seattle was a blast. We made every moment count, although a lot of the action happened right at the Canadian/American border. We witnessed some rather disrespectful and impatient behavior by those with Washington state plates. There is something at the border called the "nexus lane" for special people who don't have to wait and can bypass the lineups. God knows how you get into that elite group. But some people abuse the system. Like the group of girls who "pretended" they had no idea they were in this EXTREMELY well marked lane until OOPS they were at the gates. I guess because they were cute someone let them in line, but one other vehicle was not so fortunate. The massive truck behind him who obviously knows that NEXUS means no waiting, was so frustrated at the couple trying to merge into the regular lane that he drove up on the curb and the lawn to get past!!!! We were lucky that the car of girls made it through because we definitely got to hear some interesting stories as they tried to talk to each other over their music. Ladies, we now all know what bra sizes you are, what you think of each others boobs and who would give anything for a boob job. Quite entertaining, thank you.

We stayed at a pretty swanky hotel just outside of Seattle and definitely got a good deal compared to what we would have payed for something in the downtown core. We were also fortunate enough to utilize the free shuttle service it offered.

Something we learnt very quickly, but unfortunately a bit to late, was that no one in Seattle really knows where they are going, and all of the people you come in contact with in the service industry DO NOT speak English. So a good idea would be to NOT ask for directions, or really any questions for that matter. Although some of the people we did ask questions to were so cute when they answered yes to a non yes or no question. It really was surprising though to experience such a huge language barrier just crossing the border. Do all the white people think they are to high and mighty to have a respectable position as a bus driver or guest service agent? The streets definitely have something to be desired, and often reek of urine. The city of Victoria would be in uproar and riots would break out constantly if we ever let our city get to that state. But it all builds character, I mean its not called "Sin City" for no reason.

Also to the fellow in the convenience store across the street from our hotel, just because we are from Canada doesn't mean we are stupid. We know how to count change so save yourself the trouble and refrain from attempting to short change us ever again. Even if it is only 6 cents.

When times were rough (like getting lost for 12 blocks on skid row in the pouring rain...literally..) and moments of "I'm not doing this anymore" arose (like when a very sketchy person whose sex still remains in question was following me) my mom was there to pull me through (as was the glass of stoli I insisted was non alcoholic that I managed to chug down in about 10 seconds flat.)

We went to the Experience Music Project and let me tell you "experience" is an understatement. We sang in a vocal booth who converted our voices to a very sultry males voice simultaneously (boy was that weird/cool). We also created our very own rock band with the original title of Lisabelle and...mum. Lisabelle being the lead singer and mum being the amazing drummer to back me up. It is kind of one of those you had to be there moments but it was AWESOME.

With my amazing itinerary and travel planning skills we also managed to squeeze in the space needle, downtown shopping, an underground tour, and some more shopping at the mall across from our hotel. I couldn't have spent my birthday with a better person or had a better time. THANKS MOM!!! Here are some more pictures from our trip compliments a la mum of the underground tour (seriously, right under the sidewalks you can hear people walking overhead.), of the best cupcakes we have ever had (accompanied by the cutest girl who has no idea where BC or Canada is), a cute park in the middle of downtown, and myself at the space needle.

Oh say can you......see?

A couple of weeks ago, my mother and her good friend dragged me to the Memorial Center (stadium in Victoria) straight after finishing a graveyard shift (for which I had been awake 20 hours) to audition for the chance to sing the national anthems at the Salmon Kings Hockey games. Unaware of the giant mass of dog hair all over my fleece vest, I stumbled into give it a go. I didn't practice much on the way down, partially because I didn't even realize I was about to audition until 10 minutes prior, but mostly because I know the national anthems like the back of my hand.....right?

After hearing my moms friend Yvette's renditions, which were amazing it was my turn. "It's almost over" Forcing a smile as I approached the judges table completely disheveled and glossy eyed. After a quick introduction (aka nervous giggling at jokes I didn't really understand) I began to sing, only to....stop..... a few words later. I drew a blank.

That's right ladies and gentlemen. Lisa the human jukebox whose memory bank is forever doomed to be uselessly filled with song lyrics, FORGOT THE WORDS TO THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!! I mean even though it was the American Anthem, it was still just as humiliating. I must say, those judges have no idea what they had just witnessed. The first time not only in my somewhat non existent singing career, but in my ENTIRE LIFE I had ever forgotten the lyrics to anything. The girl who remembers every word of the swiffer sweeper commercial from like 1995, and baby got back by sir mix alot, couldn't come up with a line from a song she'd supposedly been singing her whole life. oh my word.

Not only did I forget the next line, but I waited a good solid 20 seconds to come up with "...what is the next line???" I mean, WHO ASKS THE JUDGES WHAT THE NEXT LINE IS TO THE SONG YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SINGING? To make matters even worse, I don't think they had really been listening, because after an extremely awkward silence, she replied with the wrong lyrics. I was so thrown off. My "almost over" moment had turned into more of a never ending century.

I did my best to finish it off and PEACED OUT. Lol. Needless to say, I'm certain I won't be getting a call back any time soon, but hey at least I did it, or I wouldn't have this to write about right? And I mean it is one for the books, maybe even the Guinness Book of World Records, because this is definitely worthy.


Since no one bothered to even attempt to answer my oh so clever question in the previous post, i'll just give you what you want without working for it. Because utimately, that's how life should be right?

So here it is, on a silver platter and everything.

Answer: Ask one robot what the other would say if it was asked which door was safe. Then go through the other door.

Don't even try to tell me this doesn't work, or come up with some clever suggestion like "why doesn't he just go back to where he came from originally?" Because I have overanalyzed this little puzzle to the maximum and believe you me, I have RULED OUT every other possibility. THIS DOES WORK. Do not second guess me.


You are trapped in a room with two doors. One leads to certain death and the other leads to freedom. You don't know which is which.

There are two robots guarding the doors. They will let you choose one door but upon doing so you must go through it.

You can, however, ask one robot one question. The problem is one robot always tells the truth ,the other always lies and you don't know which is which.

What is the question you ask?


i think someone lougied in my tim hortons coffee.....

thats basically all i have to say about that. i think ill go throw up now

Goodbye Andy

So I have become rather fond of this particular spot in Victoria to take pictures. It's just a regular old shabby parking lot, but with a twist. There is the most incredible graffiti and artwork on the walls on the surrounding buildings it takes my breath away.

The other day I decided to go take some more pictures in the morning as the sun would not be as sharp, and to my suprise my beloved Andy Warhol painting had been tagged over. Now I understand this doesn't break any "tagging" rules, but my heart still breaks a little. What exsists in its place is by no means subordinate, but I will miss my old friend.
So in tribute to him, and whoever his inspiring artist may be, here are my best pictures of this incredible icon.