I need a laugh

Long day. A good way for me to cheer myself up quickly is to talk about silly things that I have done. There is nothing easier then to laugh at yourself. It's like telling a joke and being the only one laughing. In my books, I think you are the shit if you can laugh at your own jokes because really....you've got it made. Hours of entertainment. Anyways, enough rambling, lets get to the goods. This time around, I am going to talk about my online dating experiences (catastrophes?).

Scenario #1: So this one wasn't so much a "date" but it did guarantee me to not get a date in the future.

I found someone on facebook being somewhat creepy and searching for "geocaching" in their interest. I found a fellow close to my age and we started chatting. We hit it off right away and decided to hang out shortly after. I don't usually jump into things so quickly but it seemed like we would get along and I really needed a caching partner. (if you don't know what geocaching is, go to www.geocaching.com)

We went to find our first cache, and I managed to fall off of a log into the ocean.
Kind of embarrassing, but I did have at least another pair of shoes in my car.
Which just so happened to be locked, with the keys inside.
I then had to call my father to unlock it.
Can anyone else say that their dad has been present at their first blind date?
After 20 minutes, my dad and his friend showed up to let me in my car. Changed my shoes and fired up the vehicle.
My gas gauge had stopped working, but I didn't know it yet and we barely made it to the gas station before running out of gas.
Then I got lost.
Needless to say, the guy was kind but not to interested in continuing anything. (platonic or romantic.)

Scenario #2: I went on a date with a guy I had met once before and managed to make an alright first impression. Geocaching was involved in our first meeting and I survived, so he was willing to go for dinner with me. My glasses had broken just before (see post for details on how I managed to break my glasses while changing a flat tire.)
My depth perception wasn't so great that night, and when I reached across the table to take a drink of my cranberry juice, I miscalculated my reach and spilt my drink all over the table, AND HIS LAP. Needless to say, that was also our late date.

I was planning on mentioning some other situations, but I decided two would be enough for tonight. On a more serious note, what is up with people on Internet dating sites anyways? I think it is way to simple. People are constantly looking to make sure that nothing else better comes up. I would much rather meet a human being in person in a natural environment then from behind a computer screen. I think it just contributes to our worlds lack of ability to communicate in real life. The Internet is a scary place, but I guess if it weren't for the Internet, you wouldn't be on my blog, reading about my online dating experiences. And I wouldn't have a platform to rant about meaningless crap either, so I guess you could say I am thankful. (Thanks Internet.)

ho hum. my dog just took a piss on the carpet. my rent increased by 20$ and it snowed last night. But I just pulled out a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies so it sort of balances out i guess.

Holiday Dis-ease

Dearest Wal-Mart,

I forgive you for accidentally playing Christmas music in the middle of November. I understand that 12 is an overwhelming number and it is easy to forget that November is only the 11th month of the year. Don't worry to much, a few quick trips to the electric chair will cure your customers of their Christmas Carol induced whistling psychosis.

It is however in your best interest to never do this again. Some serious damage to your way to early display of CHRISTMAS TREES might occur.....just a warning, it's not a threat or anything (yes it is.)

p.s. Thank you also for turning the only kind of toothpaste i like into "Hannah Montana" Brand. Nothing says good morning sunshine like a teeny bopper giving me the eyes while I brush my teeth.

Semi Truck SUPRISE!!!

So this happened a little while ago, but I guess I really had to let it settled in before I shared this "experience". (possible somewhat flattering non sleeping nightmare......) Let me explain.

So, when I was just finished college I was a bright and shiny graphic designer ready to take on the world, except I had no contacts and had no idea what I wanted to be creating. Somehow, (probably compliments of some unsuccessful online dating community) I started talking to this guy who told me his company needed a logo. I didn't have much else to do and was intrigued at the idea how how I put zero effort in trying to land the job. Not knowing anything about the industry (or real life contracts) I decided to draw up a quick proof and send it off to see if they liked my direction. I heard nothing back and assumed they thought my work was either a.shit b. they weren't a real company and it was actually some 80 yr old man pretending to own a company to get my attention or c. they found someone else. For years I didn't think of it, and the logo design disappeared into the world of the discarded, incomplete and forgotten designs of the abyss that is my old hard rive. Lost forever (Or so I thought....)

Flash forward to 3 years later. I am driving along in my work van on the highway, when I notice a semi truck coming up to pass me on the left up a hill. Pfft I thought, silly semi you have no idea of the hill you are about to ascend on, you will see me passing your sorry butt later. I look up to see who this speeding semi belongs to....and I choked on my water and spit it all over my lap.

There on the side of the shiny silver semi was the logo I had created 3 years prior in all its glory. (And to think this was just my "rough draft version.")

I never knew I could feel so many emotions all at once. I was shocked, flattered, confused and angry at what I saw. Was I going crazy? Was it just a dream that I had actually created this? I mean its not everyday you get to see something you made (for a company you actually assumed didn't even exist in the first place) on the side of a giant truck.I don't want to disclose which company this was for, because I am sure they are a somewhat reputable company with good product (or they wouldn't exist, especially in the world in this current economic state).

I just find it so strange, that is about the only word that can really explain it.Oh the reason I pay for cable is on. (No its not something productive and educational like the news or the discovery channel.....it is The City.....so shoot me.)