this shit is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s

i love gwen stefani. did you know that? most people do. But to be honest I think I am one of the few that appriciates her more in No Doubt then on her own...even though her new album is not a reflection of herself, and shes not left the band or anything like that, I still cant wait for no doubt to come out with a new album and have everything back to normal. I saw them live once, back in the tragic kingdom days. (those were the days. so great.)

ok and seriously though guys. you are starting to scare me. no one is leaving comments about anything. like comments to tell me that i am feking boring, just nothing. It's starting to make me think that people actually enjoy reading this boring c-wrap. (thanks tracy.) So start posting comments before my head explodes with excitement, or before my ego gets way to big. Thanks.

We are having family dinner, so i have to get to my "chores"...we are having a ton of company, should be lots of fun tho. ( I know you all probably think i am insane, but I, unlike some people, enjoy spending time with my family.) MMMM turkey and stuffing. yummm. So this is all i have to say for now. have a nice day.

im hot.

Here I am back on the good ol island. Feels good to be home, but Im frickin boiling. ITS SO HOT HERE. so hot. What on earth is going on? turn back on the cold. I like being bundled up in my long johns and parkas. seriously tho. I cant even wear my windbreaker without breaking a sweat. This warm weather better end and fast. or else heads are gunna roll. And just in case any of you were worried about my usher cd (its been missing for months) do not fret, it has in fact been located. It was living quietly in the top of my closet. Almost died trying to get it out. it was waaay in there. but so worth it. im listenin to it right now, oh yes. so good. Does anyone know where my Sheryl Crow cd greatest hits cd is?

So coming home is like going on a big clothes shopping trip, but just with clothes you already have. Its so exciting "I HAVE THIS?! THIS IS SOOOO NICE!!" Have a feeling I will be taking a heck of a lot more stuff back with me then i came with. but its all good.

My plans for tomorrow are as follows:
- sleep in.
- have a bath
- watch MTV.
- have another bath.
- go through ALL of my junk. and look at ALL my stuff. and ALL my pictures. and mess up my room.
- hopefully make my way into victoria to spend a super fun night at the empress hotel. oh yes.

so im out. goodnight usher, goodnight world.

seeing stars

so my lamp literally just jumped off my shelf and shattered on my head. it was awesome. my brain hurts a little.

anyways, so today i got a totally awesome note. A family lines up at the elevator and the teenage boy says "hey we left a note for you in our room" and i said "oh wow that is so sweet thank you!!" I proceeded to ask them what room they were in and told them thanks again and to have a good day. So I get into the room all excited for my note and it reads as follows. "This hotel SUX." Like wow. Intense. It was sooo great, best not ever. Made my day of all Due outs and all arrivals SO MUCH BETTER! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE. not. people are so lame. Like nice try. Could have wrote "sucks" instead of being lazy and using an X. I hate when people use an X. like in X-mas for example. It is freaking christmas. Or ThanX, Xtra, XTREME, seriously people no matter how cool you think it is. It's not even gramatically correct. And it looks extremely 80's. Some parts of the 80's are super cool. but this is not. but thanks for coming out.

So other then the fact that using X as a substitue when spelling is tres un-cool, not much else is going on. Its warmed up a bit only -12 today. So much in fact that my nosehairs do not freeze when i go outside. (I know to much information but im letter er all out tonight).

I get to go home in 3 days. Nothing can explain my excitement right now. Going to spend a night at the empress hotel with the big wigs. OH BABY. Warm winter here i come.

ok so im a little bitter. and tired. and sore. and my head hurts. so im guna bounce.


p.s. please pray for me to have a stay over day tomorrow. so I dont have to change 22 beds, that would be so great. hurray.

Frostbite is Fun!

Got back from Banff yesterday afternoon and it was SUCH a blast. I took my friend Amber along with me and we spent the night at the Fairmont Banff Springs in a Deluxe Double Queen room. soooo nice. Went to Hodoos (not sure on the spelling) that evening for some dancing, the place is really nice as well, very modern and there was tons of people. Went for breakfast the next morning at the bow valley grill (complimentary of course) and it was absolutely delicious. We both ate till we almost burst SOOOOO GOOD! Then we headed downtown. The low for that day was -48 degrees. What on earth were we doing outside? A lot of people were showing sure signs of frostbite...not a pretty sight...and the hill in Banff was actually closed due to the cold weather. go figure. But it was beautiful outside so we made it through somehow. ( I did end up having to purchase some rather fashionable long johns to make it through the rest of the day...).

When I arrived back in Lake Louise I met up with a friend of Alex's who was visiting the hotel. We decided to go skating. another wonderful idea. lol. Guy in the skate shop just kind of laughed at us when we showed up back at the rental shop not even 15 minutes after we had rented the skates. it was just to cold. I couldnt feel my bum for 2 hours. :)

So today I am going to stay inside to try to get rid of this cold that has been lurking around me for the past month or so, and then im heading back to work after my spurt of 5 days off. blah. Oh wait, I forgot that the ice scuplture competition is today. Looks like ill be spending the afternoon outside.

Going home in 6 days and I can't wait to see everyone.


I am so very tired. twas a long hard 9 hour day of work today. So glad to be home. Its very cold today as well. Like a an army of ants trying to bite my face off. but ANYWAYS. so last night I went to banff with some friends and I got to watch a REAL movie for the first time in 3 months. oh it felt so good. It was meet the Fockers and it was soo awesome. Although it could have been like Land before time 3 million and I would have loved it. Come to think of it, yesterday was the 3 month mark of my life here in Lake Louise. Pretty weird, i still feel really new to the place. Tomorrow is the start of my 4 day weekend..(the hotel is pretty slow right now) and I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. Plans are to use the one night stay at the banff springs certificate on Wednesday night, it will be so nice to have a bath. (we only have a shower in our house...shared with 3 other you can see how much of a luxury a long hot bath is for me .lol.)

As far as the housing set up here goes, we have a pretty good lil package going on. There is 4 girls in the place I am in (shauna, maggie, tracy and myself) with only 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Yes I did say ONE BATHROOM. And you guessed it, for the first time in all my exsistence, I share a bedroom with someone. Who would have thought I would have made it through 15 years of having a little brother and now that I am 20 I share a bedroom, go figure. But really its not that bad. Its nice having the company, and we have huge closests so if i REALLY need to get away from everyone I can just go chill out in there. haha. Believe it or not, I have been forced to learn how to keep my stuff tidy. haha. and to clean (after all I am a housekeeper.) I can make a bed in record time, and make any bathroom look brand new...well maybe im not that good..but its really close.

Anyways, off to watch some boring t.v. with t-t-t-t-tracy. catch yall later. and by yall I mean no one. cuz no one reads this. cuz im so AWESOME!

Now i will leave you with some quotes from one of my favorite movies. you have to guess which one it is from!

"Did you drink AWESOME SHOOTERS and listen to AWESOME MUSIC and just soak up eachothers AWESOMENESS?!?"


"we only wear our hair in a ponytail on fridays. So...I guess you picked today."

bear with me.

so, this is my first and hopefully only, attempt at keeping an online journal. I thought to myself, why dont I keep a journal? And it is because I can only handwrite for say about 2 minutes and loose my train of thought cuz its so slow. So an online journal sounds like a better idea cuz i can typer super fast. lol. anyways, I am living in Lake Louise right now, and besides what you might hear its pretty fun. I came here to save money and have yet to save a single penny (cost of living here is more expensive then you may think...) and i miss my car a lot. oh and my family and friends. hehe. Well anyways, this is just a starter post to see if i can make it in the online journal world so well see how this goes.

I moved to Lake Louise At the beginning of October to work at the Fairmont Chateau and have been here since. I still can't believe that I passed up a warm calm winter on vancouver island (although right now I here they are having a bit of a snow dump) for a winter in the middle of the rocky mountains in -35 weather. but the views and sights here take my breath away. I work in the housekeeping department right now and have currently been transfered to the Mt.Temple Wing of the hotel. (aka the nice part that is brand new.) lol. So im liking it a lot better there. I thought Housekeeping would be good because you don't have to see people much and put up with their crap (like at my previous job at Wal-Mart for example) but I soon found out that sometimes it is a lot harder to deal with peoples actual crap....if that doesnt make sense to you, its alright its kind of gross anyways.

I have met a ton of amazing people already from all parts of the country, even the world. I have friends from Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Australia, New Zeland, Ethiopia (and of course good ol' BC.)

Some things that I have done here are:
-X-Country skiing (which i dont like so much...but its fun when its full contact x-country didn't know you could fall so much when you are just on flat ground.)
- Ice Skating (there is a big ice palace in the middle of one of the rinks, its very beautiful.)
- Hiking (tons of hikes..very strenuous but totally worth it the veiws are unbelieveable.)

Some things that I would like to do here are:
- snowshoeing
- go to the Banff Gondola.
- Snowmobiling
- Dog Sledding

We get a discount (sometimes free) on a lot of the winter activites provided here because we are staff, so hopefully I take advantage of that and experience winter in Lake Louise. Im hungry. time for some ....crackers.