My meditation for today...

Absolute Honesty: Both with ourselves and with others, in word, deed, and thought.

Absolute Unselfishness: To be willing, wherever possible, to help others who need our help.

Absolute Love: You shall love with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. And. . . you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Absolute Purity: Purity of mind, of body, and of purpose.

There is only 4 absolutes. Contrary to populary belief, Absolute Vodka is not the 5th included in this list. If it were, that would be completely ridiculous, so don't even think about it.


So I was just thinking...

I wonder if people prefer the "idea" of me, over the actual flesh and bone version. Does anyone else ever wonder such things? Sometimes I find the idea of myself far more appealing then the me that I actually consist of and I would hate to be a dissapointment for someone whose "idea" of me is different then the real life version, but one question remains.

How am I any different? It's still the same me. Always has been always will be. Sometimes I tend to give people to much of myself, but I promise I'm not being anyone else but....me.

So what's the deal...exactly? Does any one have advice on how to be someone else? That would come in handy in certain situations, I seem to struggle with that piece.