Public Service Announcement

Just a quick note to Justin Timberlake. --- Stop trying to bring sexy back, its already been broughten. I brought it. stop stealing my material, think of something original already. gosh ---

And now I pray.

To the radio gods. Oh mighty ones. For the love of all things holy please refrain from playing this song more then once in one hour, i really dispise waking up to it. You know how it infuriates me to see him flaunting my material. Amen.
p.s. I would also like to thank kirsten dunst for no apparent reason.

Definition - Broughten:

a.To bring something.....before someone else?
b. I had already planned on fighting you.

(For the recond, since we are on the topic of being original, some of you nerds that watch stupid movies *cough* bring it on *cough, may argue that use of this word is anything but original. This IS however my material, I did create the word broughten. thats right i claim this as my own without any guilt or remorse what so ever. and you cannot stop me.)