I got called a grenade by this guy today on an online dating community. I had to google the term to figure out what it meant, here it is by definition:

grenade. noun (I think?) - An ugly girl of the hot friend. Usually has some unsightly repulsive characteristic such as a excessive body fat, large nose, forehead or just plain unnatractive looks. Gets ignored when out. Has her own male friends hitting on the hotter girl in front of her eyes and behind her back. Grenades usually end up nowhere in life due to their unnatractive physical characteristics and lack of common sense.

I love how this definition is full of spelling errors. Is this intentional, or just reflective of the level of human intelligence we are dealing with here? For clarification purposes I have attached the communication between DoucheyB (aka...douchebag, because name calling is the theme of the day and because I have a morsel of compassion for the guy, not sure why....I have changed his nickname in an attempt to protect his identity??) and Lisabelle (Lisa the great)

DoucheyB: Subject - what?
nice bike... but i didnt know grenades could
ride bikes.

Lisabelle: Subject - Thank You :)
Believe it or not, the ability to ride a motorbike has nothing to do with my looks (gasp!)
. I appreciate your feedback and taking the time to let me know you do not find me physically attractive but in the future I would suggest being a little less passive aggressive and just call me ugly outright. Saves me from having to look up the slang terminology for “grenade” that one may pick up from shows like Jersey Shore. I unfortunately do not keep this type of dialogue in my repertoire. Good luck in your search, I hope you find what you are looking for.

DoucheyB: Subject - RE: Thank You :)
your ugly outright. and your attempt at burning me coincided with the fact that you
took the time to google something i wrote you... therefore point me.... you may now continue being pointless.

Lisabelle: Subject - RE:RE: Thank You :)
Awww how sweet, you thought my attempt to expand my vocabulary has something to do with you. I was just being honest (something that which you are clearly familiar?) Have fun with your gigantic pile of points, can you actually cash them in somewhere or are they also virtually....pointless? I truly am sorry that you have such a pathetic existence in this world that telling me I am ugly is a high priority. Even though you are a stranger and your opinion should not matter, I have to say this did hurt my feelings a tiny bit. I don't expect you to care (obviously) but know that even though you have taken time out of your day to be cruel, I still have compassion for you and do wish you well. So, in your imaginary world of points..self declared zero points for me because if my compassion for a stranger counts I give my points to you to add to your pile.

So glad this has reminded me how different we all can be. Something in his world says it is ok to talk to another person like that. Something in my world tells me, it is not. ( I know my nickname for him isn't much better, but this is a lesson for me also and I do feel a little bad about the immaturity of my response). I think the difference is love. I have an abundance of it in my life (thank goodness) and I feel sorry for him, as he must be in very short supply (at least he has his "points"?). I know guys (and girls) get away with this kind of behaviour all the time, but it is unacceptable. We all need to treat each other with more compassion and respect, even if we develop an opinion of someone based on first impressions or physical appearance, we have no idea who they are on the inside. What a limiting perspective passing judgement on someone is. Give people a chance, we all have the potential to amaze....