my whole life

hello. here is an update.

So I am taking a leave of abesnce starting Oct.13th. yay 2 days before my birthday. I am then going to visit some pals in nelson for 5 days or so then its homeward bound to the rents house on vancouver island. I have decided to take a well deserved break for a bit, to focus on things that I have wanted to do and are important to me, but havent had the time to do. And plus it wont be to shabby to have the folks and bro around again for a bit, and I mean who can turn up some real home cooked meals. lol. I will miss my friend Adrienne (a gal here from Australia) a lot, but If I don't do this now I am afraid I never will. The building I am living in right now is actually going to be renovated in a couple of weeks, so I am changing residence for about a month before I head home. A bit of a pain to move so much, but the place I will be going to I will have my own room which is quite nice. I'm sleepy.