Dedicated to the cause

So the other day, as advertised on facebook, was don't pump gas day. Recently I had been cutting back on driving alone and opted to take the city bus virtually everywhere I went. But earlier this month I have moved back up island into my parents house in Shawnigan Lake. I figured that taking public transportation just wasn't doing the trick so I had to take my dedication to saving the planet to a whole new level. (oh who am i kidding, this whole thing is about saving me money, ill be the first to admit im a little selfish but for the record i am an extremely avid recycler.)

Now we all know that I am definately into in standing up for what you believe in, so I was insistant to not fill up my car with fuel on this day. I made a last minute decision to drive to Victoria to run some errands and pick up my pops on the way home from work....when the gas light came on. Well somewhere in the whole facebook community they failed to mention that if you do in fact still need to DRIVE, to think about fueling up in advance. I ignorantly disregarded the litle orange warning glaring at me from the dashboard and contiuned on up the malahat ( a mountain pass i must venture through in order to get home.) I managed to make it to the top of the mountain and the beautiful summit lookout when......cough cough cough..lisa runs out of gas. What was I to do? there was NO WAY IN HELL you would catch me getting gas today! But, problem solved. I got my mom to go to the gas station to fill up a jerry can of gas and bring it to me. HA! I didn't touch a single drop. Now hows that for beating the system.

I'd just like to say how proud and not embarassed I am to run out of gas on this particular day. Don't pump gas day in the world of Lisa Marie Nixon was a complete success. Thank you to all those involved to help me get home safe and sound. ( I managed to get a free dinner out of it to! maybe I should run out of gas more often.)