Since no one bothered to even attempt to answer my oh so clever question in the previous post, i'll just give you what you want without working for it. Because utimately, that's how life should be right?

So here it is, on a silver platter and everything.

Answer: Ask one robot what the other would say if it was asked which door was safe. Then go through the other door.

Don't even try to tell me this doesn't work, or come up with some clever suggestion like "why doesn't he just go back to where he came from originally?" Because I have overanalyzed this little puzzle to the maximum and believe you me, I have RULED OUT every other possibility. THIS DOES WORK. Do not second guess me.


Splinkster said...

ah but how do you know the robot is functioning properly to get an appropiate answer, what if there is a malfunction or glitch?

Lisabelle said...

how do you know you haven't been drugged and there are no robots or doors at all, you're actually just standing at the corner of an intersection waiting for the light to change?

it's a logic question. what ifs are not a part of the game, i could go on forever if this was the case because i overanalyze everything