So this is a rather personal and embarrassing topic to be writing about, but I believe that other women can learn from my mistakes. I have been commercially persuaded to purchase a product that did not to what it originally is intended for. Let this be a reminder that people in commercials are paid to pretend to enjoy a product.

Cut to woman in shower – using a hair removal product on her legs which appear to already be stubble free. Why would she be doing that anyway is my question. That should have been seen as a warning sign to not proceed.

I, being the product persuaded person that I am went out and bought this amazing time saver dealy. Oh the simplicity of not having to shave your legs, but simply apply a cream that will make it all disappear while you shower, oh the bliss. (Oh the nightmare.)

I applied said cream to my legs ignoring the warning that clearly states to “test product on small area of skin and wait 24 hours. If irritation occurs, do not use this product.” Pfft yeah right, who has time for that. I have hairy legs now and I want to get rid of it now, not 24 hours from now.
I figured that the tingling turning to stinging sensation was to be expected and continued on with the normal routine. Suddenly my routine turns pain induced panic and I wipe the crap off my legs as fast as humanly possible (also ignoring the warnings to NOT SCRUB the area. I didn’t want any trace of this crap left on my body.)

I step out of the shower and pat my legs dry, like I was told, hoping the worst was over. It wasn’t.

I now have a swollen painful rash all over my legs, resembling that of a lobstery skin feels like it is on fire. I am wearing a skirt and leggings. Everyone tells me I look great, but little do they know it’s the only thing I can wear that doesn’t cause a severe burning sensation to my calves.

Thank god I didn’t use this anywhere else on my body, I fear the pain would be too much to tolerate.

LESSON FOR TODAY: There is no easy way out. Take the 5 minutes to shave your damn legs moron.


Anonymous said...

I had a guy friend try it on his chest and was too lazy to avoid his nipples ... he paid dearly.

Lisabelle said...

ohh heavens I can only imagine...YIKES. I'm suprised he survived such an ordeal. That dude needs a hug after something like that NO DOUBT. Thanks for sharing :P