Semi Truck SUPRISE!!!

So this happened a little while ago, but I guess I really had to let it settled in before I shared this "experience". (possible somewhat flattering non sleeping nightmare......) Let me explain.

So, when I was just finished college I was a bright and shiny graphic designer ready to take on the world, except I had no contacts and had no idea what I wanted to be creating. Somehow, (probably compliments of some unsuccessful online dating community) I started talking to this guy who told me his company needed a logo. I didn't have much else to do and was intrigued at the idea how how I put zero effort in trying to land the job. Not knowing anything about the industry (or real life contracts) I decided to draw up a quick proof and send it off to see if they liked my direction. I heard nothing back and assumed they thought my work was either a.shit b. they weren't a real company and it was actually some 80 yr old man pretending to own a company to get my attention or c. they found someone else. For years I didn't think of it, and the logo design disappeared into the world of the discarded, incomplete and forgotten designs of the abyss that is my old hard rive. Lost forever (Or so I thought....)

Flash forward to 3 years later. I am driving along in my work van on the highway, when I notice a semi truck coming up to pass me on the left up a hill. Pfft I thought, silly semi you have no idea of the hill you are about to ascend on, you will see me passing your sorry butt later. I look up to see who this speeding semi belongs to....and I choked on my water and spit it all over my lap.

There on the side of the shiny silver semi was the logo I had created 3 years prior in all its glory. (And to think this was just my "rough draft version.")

I never knew I could feel so many emotions all at once. I was shocked, flattered, confused and angry at what I saw. Was I going crazy? Was it just a dream that I had actually created this? I mean its not everyday you get to see something you made (for a company you actually assumed didn't even exist in the first place) on the side of a giant truck.I don't want to disclose which company this was for, because I am sure they are a somewhat reputable company with good product (or they wouldn't exist, especially in the world in this current economic state).

I just find it so strange, that is about the only word that can really explain it.Oh the reason I pay for cable is on. (No its not something productive and educational like the news or the discovery is The shoot me.)


Anonymous said...

Well don't leave us hangin'.... less see the work of art :)