Piper Deggan Designs

My friend Piper is an incredibly talented artist, and has just opened her shop at etsy featuring her vintage handmade Jewelery. Here is an exerpt from her shop:

"I am delighted by color and texture, reflections of light and my love of nature. May you be well and truly blessed. All my unique jewelry designs are handmade with love in my Studio on Vancouver Island overlooking the Ocean and Mountains. Gemstones, copper, crystal, pearls, ribbon, vintage treasures and more are combined using my mixed media artisan skills. I hope you find something to love. To see the quality of my work go to www.filbergfestival.com where I have been a seller."

If I could I would own every piece of jewelery she makes, but instead of being selfish I will share it with the rest of the world instead. Her attention to detail and her eye for color is inspiring. Please visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/piperddesigns to view.

Bad Mom Award

So I have told this story to a couple of my cat loving friends, and decided it was cute/funny enough to share on a public scale.

A while ago I wanted to be the "responsible" cat owner, and invest in a magnetic operated door for my cat to let herself in and out at her leisure. I really liked being able to let her outside for the day, but got worried when it was gross and stormy out about her not being able to get back in the house. I thought this 80$ investment would solve the problem.

After installing it, a few successful days went by where Izzy managed to figure out how to get in and out, and I'd have to say, it was pretty cool.

But on the 4th day, I called Izzy to come home for dinner, and I hear what sounds like tin dragging along the pavement. My cat was coming sulking home with a tin can and other small metal object attached to her magnet collar.

She had the look of beyond embarassment. I knew I was going to get major attitude all night.

So the bad mom award goes to me, for torturing my poor cat and allowing a tin can to claim residence on her collar. I bet her little cat friends made fun of her.