and when i see you i really see you upside down.

And on another note..i really miss all my great friends. In the past week Maggie, Tracy, Emily and Alyssa have all left me. It is so sad. my house is empty now. Just in case you dont already know, i love you girls so much and i cannot wait to see you all again. we will for sure. its people like you that make me love this place so much, youll never know how much i have learnt and grown because of you. I have had some of the best times of my life with you gurls, and i will never forget you, i hope you can say the same for me. Some shoutouts to each of you.

Magz - Best roomate a gal could ask for. you are the life of the party!!! you are so chill and awesome, its cuz of you i actually dance at the pub now!! haha.

Tracy - Dont worry tracy, our prosthetic limb company will definatley prospur....i can feel it lol. You crack me up junior :P I know you miss spooning with me and you probably stay awake to try to hear my snore every night, but dont worry, you will find someone to fill my shoes. hehe.

Emily - You better be back. haha. you are such a good person with such a good heart, ill never meet anyone as curtious and giving as you are babe. BC represent!

Alyssa - Omg i cant wait to come visit you way over there on the east coast. Its gunna be good times for sure. I have your shoes, so you gotta see me again, mwuhahaha. AINT NO MOUNTAIN HIGH AINT NO VALLEY LOW AINT NO RIVER WIIIIIIIIIIDE ENOUGH BAAAABY!!