My friend Zoe leaves tomorrow. Going to travel across Canada, im going to miss her so much. She is from England and I am her translator i dont know what she will do without me. hehe just kidding. Luv ya Zoe remember to email me with updates all the time an tell me how much of a p-i-m-p toni REALLY is ;). lol.

In other news, I have decided to take a lil road trip down to good ol nelson. I will be bringing caity, april and possibly mallory with me on this excursion. We will just be going for the weekend and thanks to Justin Beaulieu we will have an awesome bed and breakfast to stay at. haha..its going to be excellent.

well im very tired. its past my bedtime. thanks dad for winning me sweet gucci sunglasses on ebay. they are so cute. i cant wait.



JB said...

Nelson?! I don't live in Nelson anymore. I thought you were coming to Queen Charlotte to visit.

Steve(your wonderful brother) said...

Thats so awesome your going back.
i hope you have a blast and take lots of pictures to share!

Anonymous said...

ummmm you need to update this... I bet you are just having too much fun to be at your computer!