driving around with good friends is totally distracting..and can cause you to "miss" the turn off to the street you actually happen to be driving on..

Ok. So I was driving around town with my good friend Michelle the other night (also my future roomate-to-be) and we had just finished watching an amazing dance show at UVIC called "Keep ya head up". It was awesome and it makes me feel like I have "candy in my heels tonight baby!" haha..ok anyways.

So we were driving around and somehow I kept getting lost. I kind of have this theory that if you drive in a straight line eventually you will get to where you want to be...in Edmonton this would work quite well...Victoria not so much. And Michelle is absolutely no help at all (sorry hun..its the truth) cuz she just sits there and laughs at me!! and then i laugh!! and then..we get lost and pull u-turns and drive on curbs and all these things I never do! you are such a bad influence. Anyways so we decided we both had headaches and the only cure was ice cream. So after our first attempt at a Mcdonalds drive thru she told us the ice cream machine was out of order. I know..horrific. So finally we found one..only like 5 min away cuz you know how close together they are these days. So we are in line and the girl working there thinks we are TOTALLY insane...and I notice something random hanging out of the back of the SUVS trunk in front of us...and you would not believe what it was.... A DIRTY DIAPER! I mean how totally random! how does that even happen!! IT was so gross. bleck. So by this point we were both basically histerical and i did some more "driving". As I tried to make my way back to Michelles place I was tryin to get back on to Quadra street and I was freaking out cuz i had no idea where we were and I couldnt figure out why Michelle wouldnt help me!!!! Turns out..we were already on Quadra street the whole time...yeah I'm THAT awesome. So I turned into a party pooper and went home to get my well deserved 8 hours of sleep (michelle calling me to beg me to come out when i was already half way home..good effort tho.) Anyways after you read this post you might think "what a waste of time" It was partly one of those you had to be there moments and partly its just that we are far to awesome for the likes of you so its not going to seem even a tiny bit funny. Anyways i have tennis elbow now (even though I haven't played tennis since like last summer..but I can feel it coming back. Im going to bed.



Michelle said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I love it! It's so close to the truth too! Wow, I mean, we really do sound lame in this blog, but as I was reading it, I'm pretty sure I was laughing about as hard as I was last nite! Good times, the only thing I would change, was the fact that, I normally do help you when you drive. I mean, if I had helped you last nite, it wouldn't have been as much fun as it was...I know right! haha...ok, well good times, we're so cool, and maybe don't be so lame next time, let's party k! Thanks for writing about our excursions, and I'm sure they're will be plenty more to come! woop woop! haha luv ya dude

Anonymous said...

You rock!