ba ba rainbow sheep have you any wool? no joseph I told you already, no technicolor coat supplies here.

The London Times reports that a school in the UK changed the words of the old Black Sheep nursery rhyme to "baa baa rainbow sheep" as part of an effort to improve equal opportunities for its students.

They must be completely insane. If rainbow sheep are considered the new Politically Correct, maybe that is why brokeback mountain didn't end up winning at the Oscars. You idiots, you didn't have any rainbow sheep. what the hell were you thinking? It would have gone with the theme quite well. I hope everyone here still on planet earth sees this as completely ridiculous. Comon people, the sheep are already embarassed enough as it is. You don't have to go and take all of their pride away and make them the new gay pride icon.

My version of the soon to be officially released PC version of this classic goes as follows:

- Baa Baa Afro-Carribean sheep have you any nylon?
Yes sir yes sir 3 boxes full.
One for the Local MP and One for the Woman of Equal Opportunites
And one for the Minor who lives down the lane.

Whats next anyways? Three little pigs renamed three height challenged porkers?Snow White and the seven dwarfs changed to Snow White and the 7 height challenged miners?

And my favorite Mary Possessed a diminutive creature of genus ovis:

- Mary possessed a diminutive creature of genus ovis.
The filament epidermal covering of which reflected light of all wavelengths equally.

And in each set of coordinates in which Mary would happen to be found in the course of normal diurnal activites, the aforementioned ovine creature would certainly be colocated.

It accompanied her to the institution for the education of children during one diurnal cycle
which action was counter to acceptable decorum.
The juveniles in attendance became risible and commenced recreational activity because of the sight of such an ovine creature at the institution for the education of children.

Maybe if they put in half as much effort into being politically correct as they do to being moral then maybe the world would be a better place. I saw the other day on Much Music the "WHO TO DO LIST: 20 sexiest girls". Like are you kidding me?? why don't you just call it "Attention children: you aren't considered pretty unless someone wants to have sex with you. If you do not want to sleep with any of the women pictured here today, you are either a. gay or b. have bad taste. " like so gross. Don't even get me started on this right now, I could go on forever.

Well I guess that is all for now on this random rant. Maybe i will rewrite it better later but im tired and really wanted to get it up tonight because I have been thinking about stupid nursery rhymes all day long so thought this would at least get it out of my system.

If no one is going to have that green or blue lamb chop, can I have it?????