I beat the Philosopher Kings at pool

Ok...well I didn't actually beat them at pool at all. But I DID beat them..or at least the lead singer and the drummer at a Big 2. Michelle will probably try to tell you I was cheating, but in my mind i was playing fair. So it was quite the interesting wednesday night. I know right, who goes out on a Wednesday night. Well I will tell you who does! Me, Michelle, Julie, Marin and THE PHIOLOSOPHER KINGS DO!! heck yes i said the philosopher kings. We got michelle to walk up to Gerold the lead singer to ask if he was Jarvis Church. (just alittle bit of history for you folks who may not be up to date with the name game here...Gerold had also released a solo project under the name Jarvis Church and we didn't know what his real name was..) Of course he was, so the rest of us chickens joined her. (thanks michelle for doin that by the way..we can always count on you to do random stuff, you are the only one with any guts). Anyways they turned out to be a pretty decent bunch of guys...married..some more then others trying to get a wee bit to close then others..so we ended up staying at the sticky wicket until 2am and headed off to their tour bus. To set the record straight.. I have never been a huge fan, or a fan at all for that matter of the philosopher kings. But if it was a Wednesday night in downtown victoria and they were the only other people in the pub you would probably hang with them to right? Lol wel I watched the soccer game on the tele for most of the time in the bar besides playin some pool here and there, but it was overall a pretty decent time none the less. But the adventure in the tour bus continued. Let me just say they have horrific taste in music. Bleck. Michelle on the other hand had a scenerio all her own to deal with that night. This totally creepy..lets just call him "tour bus groupie with long gross dirty hair" for lack of a better title would not stop hitting on her. So I did what any good friend would do and started a "pretend" fight with michelle that actually later ended in her slapping me in the face (I know Michelle...it had to be realistic but did ya have to take it that far?) So that basically ended the adventure for us and we took another 12.50 dollar cab ride home. And just if this post wasn't already exciting enough you can also be sure to ch-ch-ch-check back tomorrow for pictures of this fantastic evening as well! SHOCKER! I know it is exciting but try not to lose to much sleep over it.

Goodnight Kiddies


Michelle said...

Well now, what do I say to redeem myself from this blog? I was a little tipsy...I think that explains it perfectly! but yes lisa, it was a very interesting nite....I can't even remember what music they were playing in the bus? Remind me will ya...and again I thought we weren't going to speak of the slapping (sorry)...you know I would never hurt you, hehe...ohh, those pics are priceless, and disturbing! haha...wonderful blog...keep em coming...but you do need me to remind you of EVERYTHING that happened! hehe