To the people yelling on the megaphone driving past my house at 3 in the morning the past three nights. Please stop. its a little exessive, and some of us are at least trying to pretend to be sleeping. I do my best thinking when im trying to get to bed and you are rudely interrupting my thought process with your shenanigans. Unless you are the cops and are on the lookout for a mass murderer or a car theif and find it necessary to yell out random things on the megaphone, please refrain from using this effective tool. I find it rather repulsive.

Kind Regards,

Lisa the crumpy.

Crumpy - Definition: A lovely mix between cranky and grumpy. State of upmost discontent towards the folks with the megaphone.


paulo said...

I woke up very early one morning to the sounds of a guy in a truck driving around my apartment complex yelling something into a megaphone. I think it was probably some kind of public service announcement, because my water wasn't running for a couple hours that morning, but before I figured that out I thought it was just some crazy person. I couldn't understand any of the megaphone yelling except for "Attention something something residents!"

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lisa, I thought you would find it funny, I'll find another apartment building to annoy,
Squid Squid

Anonymous said...

I am doing a series of prints to illustrate the threat whales face from pollution and overfishing, I hope you can post a few on your blog, the whole series is being unvieled at Tate Modern next month,

Squid Squid