10th wonder of the world

So first and foremost, do not correct me on how many wonders of the world there really are. It IS arguable and im not going to get into it. General consensus says there is 7 natural wonders of the world so im going to stick with that. end of discussion.

over to the point of tonights post...aaand switch.

Today at work i did not have a hair elastic. However, when i put my hair into a bun, it stayed there for over 2 hours. Without any assistance from so much as a clip, bobby pin or hair elastic. nothing. ziltch. wich is why I am proclamining this phenomenon an unexplainable wonder of the world. the 10th in fact. Left a lot of room between 7 and 10 to ensure that way i am not stepping on any other wonder of the worlds toes, cuz that would be a tragedy.

Off to make some more earrings. gotta keep up with the daily minimum of making 3 per day.

out and over.