Life Update

So. Lot of new things happening lately. Good things. They are as follows:

- got my bike here finally. Now I can bike to work and save buttloads of money.

- Have just signed up to become a volunteer at "NEED" a crisis line here in victoria. My traning will commence sept.29th.

- Have lost 10 lbs. Don't look any different but i guess its 10 lbs of something from somewhere right?

- Another peice of good news goes here but its subject cannot yet be disclosed.

- Victoria idol starts on sept.29th. Well this is when my audition cd needs to be in. I have to have 2 pre-recorded songs and my friend cody is going to help me out. Still don't know if i am going to endure this at a recording studio or try to create a makeshift one at my house. Any suggestions?This may quite possibly be the most terrifying experience I have ever done as of yet. I still can't believe im doing this. But i will keep you updated with the progress, if any.

That's basically it for the brief news update. It's my day off today but I have just been notified there is a possibility I will be called in so i better go to the gym now or i wont get to go.