So I have been doing something for the last month and am now ready to disclose what it is. It has taken me a while because I wanted to make sure I was going to be 100 % into it and a bit successful before i disclosed this information to the world only to let myself down in public.

I am on a fitness and meal plan through my gym. This is what my week looks like:

Mon - Weights & Core class
Tues - Cardio
Wed - Weights
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Weights
Sat - Cardio
Sun - Weights

I know it looks boring but i do in fact do different things on the days marked "cardio" and still do cardio on the days marked weights. So really that is not even a remotely good representation of my week at all.

On another note, the meal plan is fantastic. I have only been on the nutrition plan for 11 days now but It is completely personalized to my choices. (they had me pick things out of a huge list and then It got sent away to make MY book) .It is based on the "zone" theory and concentrates on keeping your blood sugar levels the same throughout the day (among a plethora of other things.) It it is based on a 2 and 3 point system. A 3 point meal is made up of 3 Protien points, 3 Carbs, and 3 fats. Your snacks are instead 2, 2, and 2. (you get it. its not complicated math....well maybe for me.) Anyways, it focuses on created a completely balanced diet so you are not depriving your body of things it still needs (like carbohydrates...)and it is designed to help create muscle mass and reduce weight mass.

It is a huge book and I have learnt so much already. My days are planned out for me but it is easy to replace food with other things that have the same value, there is even a conversion chart to help me :) And best of all, my grocery lists are already made so I don't even have to think about it when i go shopping. Only downside is I am spending twice as much money on groceries as I was before (there is actually a new list every week) but I haven't eaten out at all so I guess it weighs out.

Now, some of you may be wondering "well has she lost any weight?" And my response is this. For some strange and unknown reason I am not yet willing to divuldge my original weight amount before this little project. It is completely bizarre since I just recently uncovered my inability to do fractions on a very large and PUBLIC scale which is probably far more embarassing then my weigt will ever be, but I just at this time and no comfortable doing so. But I will tell you this:

- I have gained 6 lbs of muscles mass
- I have lost 7 lbs of fat mass
- And have reduced my Fat % down 4 percent.

And on a whole I have lost 5 lbs.

Right now I don't feel like I look any different, but I am way happier and I have definately noticed a change in my energy level and also have improved mental acuity. (although my co-workers may beg to differ based on how many times I have forgotten my day planner at work i nthe last week...).

So that's that. Its a go. If anyone has any suggestions or would like more information on my nutrition and welness plan just ask. I am not afraid of questions and as you probably already know I would tell yo anything..yeah other then that weight thing.

But now its time for some bike action. Off to the gym I go.


Tommy said...


Me please... I would actually like to know about your nutrition and wellness plan! I wouldn't mind setting something similar up myself.


Anonymous said...

My Little Lisa!! I am SOOOOO proud of you!! way to go babe :)
love ya bitch.