Intermittent Life Update

So a lot has happened (yeah i know everyone ALWAYS uses that as an excuse for not writing) but seriously though, it has. Not that it has caused me to have a lack of time to do important things like write on my almost now non exsistance space in the gargantuan blogosphere, my mind has just been focusing on other parts of my life and when it comes time to write about my expereinces i am kind of run dry. But in a good way. Here is a quick review of where I am at these days.

I have moved back in with my parents, but I know this time around it is different. After living in Victoria for a year and paying over 500 dollars a month in rent and bills, coming home was a blessing. Who would have known that a fridge can be stocked all month long, not just proceeding the bi-weekly pay cheque.

I have a new job and no longer have to drive over an hour to get to work every day of the week, which is also a major bonus. What is even better, is my position is in the field I have been wanting to enter for a while. I am support staff at the addictions recovery center here and is a mere 8 minute drive to work. It pays really well and I work 4 shifts @ 9 hours each a week which leaves me to have 3 days off but still get full time hours. The only downside to all of this is that I work the graveyard shift (23:45-08:45). I have started to adjust and am starting to learn I can still function rather well (apart from my motor skills) with hardly any sleep. This lack of sleep is also another big factor as to why I hadn't written in so long. I sound kind of lame when I try to talk after I have been up for 27 some odd hours.

I just bought a new laptop and bike. They are both gorgeous and work well which is always a bonus. hahahaha. function over form but its nice if they are cute to right?

Laptop ---> Customized Dell Inspirion 6400 pretty much maxed out at all the newest technology , I don't wanna sound like a total nerd and get into all the specs, but its pretty damn swanky. Some of my friends who are die hard mac fans will probably try to ban me from their life which is fine, but understand I saved myself over two thousand dollars (of money which i do not have to begin with) and if i were to pick up a mac for the same price that I payed for such a high performance laptop, I would get the Fisher Price version aka the MacBook. So, not worth it.

Bike ---> 2007 GT Agressor. Have only ridden it a bit so far, but its a smooooooooth ride. And it is also you guessed it. Pretty damn swanky.