Lulu - New addition to the family!

So some of you may already know, but since i am madly in love i am going to announce yet again. I am the proud new mom of a 1.5 year old chihuahua named Lulu. She weighs 6 lbs and is full grown. It was absolutely love at first sight! I got her from the pound in Nanaimo (she was taken there along with her brother), and she is definately quite the little princess. She is still a little aprehensive of men and takes quite a while to warm up to them. (We are still working on having her and steve in the same room without her running away.) But she is definatley mommys little girl because her tail is going a million miles an hour every time she sees me. She doesn't miss a single opportunity to sit on my lap! Our biggest concern when bringing her home was how Penny would react. Penny's ability to get along with her was definatley the deciding factor if she was going to be a permanent member of our family. And it is a success!! Penny has hardly barked at all since Lulu arrived and is extremely gentle and calm when in her presence. For those of you who have encountered Penny, you would know that this is definatley not normal behavior for her at all. Lulu is house trained and the vet claims her to be a very healthy young lady! Only downside is she is in heat at the moment, so is quite moody at times. We are excited to see what kind of dog she will be once she is through this phase.

I am hoping that once she is better habituated at home and used to meeting new people I will be able to take her to work for company on the graveyard shift!! If you are ever in the area please stop by and say hello to Lulu!!

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