overdue, and paying for it

So I got a phone call from the local moving renting facility kindly reminding me that I have late fees incurring on a movie I have rented. If the movie store can have a system efficient enough to have a previously recorded message call me to remind me of my running bill of late fees, why can't more significant organizations such as BC student loan services call to tell me important things like "we tried to take money out of your old account and forgot you no longer use it even though you told us a month ago and now you going to incur overage fees because we can withdraw money when it does not exist." The library is even organized enough to let me know via email or phone, whichever I prefer, that my books are GOING to be due soon, and also offer me the option to renew. How is that possible, they don't even get any money from me. I am skeptical.

My phone company can't even tell me that I am magically making calls from the United States when I am clearly well within the Canadian border. I don't even use my phone and they get over 50 dollars a month from me. I wonder what would happen if they started working non profit, maybe something would actually be right for once.

I wrote this thinking I would feel a little better after whining, but now i am even more perplexed then before.