Where is my mind and socks?

So the other night, I and some co-workers of mine were taken out by our boss for a rather fancy dinner. I was not pre-warned as to the fancy factor of this fine dining facility, so I expressed my concern as my co-worker and I (last to arrive of course) entered the restaurant. For some reason, I felt compelled to comment "I hope I am dressed well enough for this place, it looks pretty fancy." As she opens the door she reassures me that I look lovely. In the midst of my inability to graciously accept a compliment and leave it at that I add "But my socks don't match!"
You can guess what happens next.
She starts laughing hysterically. It's contagious and I start laughing. We both enter through the foyer to realize.....Our entire party is sitting in awe at us as we come around the corner....and along with them, the others in this TINY space of complete silence. The only thing we know to do....is laugh even more.
We had an amazing dinner, easy for me to say the best I have ever had. We had a great time with good company. As we leave we say our goodbyes and thank yous (for about the 5th time). My friend and I walking down the boardwalk to our cars as the others head up the hill to theirs I pull up my pants to reveal just how unmatched my socks were. And you thought the situation in the restaurant was bad. We practically had the entire town captured by our exuberant cackling. We couldn't move. Maybe when you see this picture you may see why:

When my life is busy and stressful - socks tend to be preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety far down on the priority list. I haven't had a matched pair in about a week. I figure it is time to tackle the laundry and get back to the sock matching. Maybe the chaos of the rest of my life will subside along with it. My unmatched socks are definitely a reflection of how the rest of my life is going, so maybe if I put them together, everything else will follow? Wishful thinking? I'm hoping for a miracle. Not setting my hopes up to high or anything.

The Pixies say it best

With your feet in the air and
Your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it,
Your head will collapse
But theres nothing in it.
And you'll ask

Where is my mind?


Matt Del Biondi said...

Pretty damn funny...

Lisabelle said...

Thank you Matt, do you have a blog?