Frostbite is Fun!

Got back from Banff yesterday afternoon and it was SUCH a blast. I took my friend Amber along with me and we spent the night at the Fairmont Banff Springs in a Deluxe Double Queen room. soooo nice. Went to Hodoos (not sure on the spelling) that evening for some dancing, the place is really nice as well, very modern and there was tons of people. Went for breakfast the next morning at the bow valley grill (complimentary of course) and it was absolutely delicious. We both ate till we almost burst SOOOOO GOOD! Then we headed downtown. The low for that day was -48 degrees. What on earth were we doing outside? A lot of people were showing sure signs of frostbite...not a pretty sight...and the hill in Banff was actually closed due to the cold weather. go figure. But it was beautiful outside so we made it through somehow. ( I did end up having to purchase some rather fashionable long johns to make it through the rest of the day...).

When I arrived back in Lake Louise I met up with a friend of Alex's who was visiting the hotel. We decided to go skating. another wonderful idea. lol. Guy in the skate shop just kind of laughed at us when we showed up back at the rental shop not even 15 minutes after we had rented the skates. it was just to cold. I couldnt feel my bum for 2 hours. :)

So today I am going to stay inside to try to get rid of this cold that has been lurking around me for the past month or so, and then im heading back to work after my spurt of 5 days off. blah. Oh wait, I forgot that the ice scuplture competition is today. Looks like ill be spending the afternoon outside.

Going home in 6 days and I can't wait to see everyone.


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