bear with me.

so, this is my first and hopefully only, attempt at keeping an online journal. I thought to myself, why dont I keep a journal? And it is because I can only handwrite for say about 2 minutes and loose my train of thought cuz its so slow. So an online journal sounds like a better idea cuz i can typer super fast. lol. anyways, I am living in Lake Louise right now, and besides what you might hear its pretty fun. I came here to save money and have yet to save a single penny (cost of living here is more expensive then you may think...) and i miss my car a lot. oh and my family and friends. hehe. Well anyways, this is just a starter post to see if i can make it in the online journal world so well see how this goes.

I moved to Lake Louise At the beginning of October to work at the Fairmont Chateau and have been here since. I still can't believe that I passed up a warm calm winter on vancouver island (although right now I here they are having a bit of a snow dump) for a winter in the middle of the rocky mountains in -35 weather. but the views and sights here take my breath away. I work in the housekeeping department right now and have currently been transfered to the Mt.Temple Wing of the hotel. (aka the nice part that is brand new.) lol. So im liking it a lot better there. I thought Housekeeping would be good because you don't have to see people much and put up with their crap (like at my previous job at Wal-Mart for example) but I soon found out that sometimes it is a lot harder to deal with peoples actual crap....if that doesnt make sense to you, its alright its kind of gross anyways.

I have met a ton of amazing people already from all parts of the country, even the world. I have friends from Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Australia, New Zeland, Ethiopia (and of course good ol' BC.)

Some things that I have done here are:
-X-Country skiing (which i dont like so much...but its fun when its full contact x-country didn't know you could fall so much when you are just on flat ground.)
- Ice Skating (there is a big ice palace in the middle of one of the rinks, its very beautiful.)
- Hiking (tons of hikes..very strenuous but totally worth it the veiws are unbelieveable.)

Some things that I would like to do here are:
- snowshoeing
- go to the Banff Gondola.
- Snowmobiling
- Dog Sledding

We get a discount (sometimes free) on a lot of the winter activites provided here because we are staff, so hopefully I take advantage of that and experience winter in Lake Louise. Im hungry. time for some ....crackers.


Anonymous said...

Lisa I love you darling. I miss you. But I'll see you in April!! muah. xoxox