seeing stars

so my lamp literally just jumped off my shelf and shattered on my head. it was awesome. my brain hurts a little.

anyways, so today i got a totally awesome note. A family lines up at the elevator and the teenage boy says "hey we left a note for you in our room" and i said "oh wow that is so sweet thank you!!" I proceeded to ask them what room they were in and told them thanks again and to have a good day. So I get into the room all excited for my note and it reads as follows. "This hotel SUX." Like wow. Intense. It was sooo great, best not ever. Made my day of all Due outs and all arrivals SO MUCH BETTER! THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE. not. people are so lame. Like nice try. Could have wrote "sucks" instead of being lazy and using an X. I hate when people use an X. like in X-mas for example. It is freaking christmas. Or ThanX, Xtra, XTREME, seriously people no matter how cool you think it is. It's not even gramatically correct. And it looks extremely 80's. Some parts of the 80's are super cool. but this is not. but thanks for coming out.

So other then the fact that using X as a substitue when spelling is tres un-cool, not much else is going on. Its warmed up a bit only -12 today. So much in fact that my nosehairs do not freeze when i go outside. (I know to much information but im letter er all out tonight).

I get to go home in 3 days. Nothing can explain my excitement right now. Going to spend a night at the empress hotel with the big wigs. OH BABY. Warm winter here i come.

ok so im a little bitter. and tired. and sore. and my head hurts. so im guna bounce.


p.s. please pray for me to have a stay over day tomorrow. so I dont have to change 22 beds, that would be so great. hurray.