im hot.

Here I am back on the good ol island. Feels good to be home, but Im frickin boiling. ITS SO HOT HERE. so hot. What on earth is going on? turn back on the cold. I like being bundled up in my long johns and parkas. seriously tho. I cant even wear my windbreaker without breaking a sweat. This warm weather better end and fast. or else heads are gunna roll. And just in case any of you were worried about my usher cd (its been missing for months) do not fret, it has in fact been located. It was living quietly in the top of my closet. Almost died trying to get it out. it was waaay in there. but so worth it. im listenin to it right now, oh yes. so good. Does anyone know where my Sheryl Crow cd greatest hits cd is?

So coming home is like going on a big clothes shopping trip, but just with clothes you already have. Its so exciting "I HAVE THIS?! THIS IS SOOOO NICE!!" Have a feeling I will be taking a heck of a lot more stuff back with me then i came with. but its all good.

My plans for tomorrow are as follows:
- sleep in.
- have a bath
- watch MTV.
- have another bath.
- go through ALL of my junk. and look at ALL my stuff. and ALL my pictures. and mess up my room.
- hopefully make my way into victoria to spend a super fun night at the empress hotel. oh yes.

so im out. goodnight usher, goodnight world.


Anonymous said...

I think "mess up my room" should've been first. After that, what did you do with the remaining 23 hrs, 59 minutes and 40 seconds of the day?