this shit is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s

i love gwen stefani. did you know that? most people do. But to be honest I think I am one of the few that appriciates her more in No Doubt then on her own...even though her new album is not a reflection of herself, and shes not left the band or anything like that, I still cant wait for no doubt to come out with a new album and have everything back to normal. I saw them live once, back in the tragic kingdom days. (those were the days. so great.)

ok and seriously though guys. you are starting to scare me. no one is leaving comments about anything. like comments to tell me that i am feking boring, just nothing. It's starting to make me think that people actually enjoy reading this boring c-wrap. (thanks tracy.) So start posting comments before my head explodes with excitement, or before my ego gets way to big. Thanks.

We are having family dinner, so i have to get to my "chores"...we are having a ton of company, should be lots of fun tho. ( I know you all probably think i am insane, but I, unlike some people, enjoy spending time with my family.) MMMM turkey and stuffing. yummm. So this is all i have to say for now. have a nice day.


Lisabelle said...

whoa lisa. you are so FREAKING interesting. i mean GOD i could read about what you do all day. you are so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love you lisa. I like your blogs.
- chris

Anonymous said...

lisa,,,, love you !!!

Anonymous said...

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