music makes the world keep on turnin

I LOVE K'NAAN. He is one of the best musicians I have ever heard. Growing up in Somalia, Africa this guy definatley has something to say. go to to check him out if you are even a tiny bit intelligent. peace.

Here is a pic of K'naan in all his glory.


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Anonymous said...

lisa, I love you and I miss you... Lake Louise is looking like a really good option these days. I guess not having any friends down here in lamer Chilliwack really cramps the CLcubed style... missing the mountians, missing the mountians of fun, missing the 'alyways be my baby' and of course, ain't no mounitan high enough' tried to sing it by myself in karaokee... didn't realize that it was 2 people singing it, and I didn't realize that it moved that quickly... anyway long story short this was emily singing the song you hear that long silence... that was me, listening to the wicked cool background music of that song... I couldn't even read the lyrics fast enough to say them. Good thing it was in Chilliwack, where there were about 10 people, 3 of which were people that I came in there with the other 7 were drunk and from berlin or something so they didn't speak english anyway... they thought it was techno probably... either that or they thought I was a mute, either way, I didn't care, I wasn't even drunk enough to laugh at myself, I just blushed it away, and went and hid at my table and had a double before they kicked me out for sucking in public. anyway Lisa Magoo, glad to know that you are still rocking the jukebox, and I just have one question for you, is there a lad named Dereck from the Deli still working there? lol... nice to know that my mind is still in the boys... and my mother thought I was gay... my gosh Martha, good to know that she knows me well huh?