practice what you preach.

So i find out tomorrow if I get the job or not..or that is what I have heard at least. I'm kind of nervous to find out but either way I will be happy. I got a lot accomplished today. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday and today was my only day off and then its back to work for another 7. Oh boy im guna be racking in the cash this week. yesssssss...cept I probably wont get to see any of it. lol just means bigger car payments. Hurrah!! Anyways....I think people need to stop holding insignificant grudges on people. yeah? Do you even know what your grudges or hate are about anymore? I think not. Please get over it, I have decided to get over mine, they are completely pointless and boring and guess what. no one cares. Also, friendship is important. You should cherish the people that care about you know, because if you don't you could end up with nothing, they aren't going to hold out forever. "we all need somebody to lean on"..good song..anyways. im hungry. peace.