So, Im reading the Friday Edition ( a staff newsletter we get every friday..) and I decide to take a look at my lame horoscope for the day, this is what it read.

A change may not be what you expect, but it will be good for you. Don't let insecurity lead you to a poor career choice. A unique approach to love and relationships will bring far more interest than being to aggressive. 3 stars.

oh god, isnt that so right on the money? That is the most intense horoscope I think i've ever read. Made me kind of realize some things I should have figured out on my own. One is that living here I really do get a lot of opportunity career and living wise. I mean, we are seriously set up here. And two, I think I really need to steer my focus away from the fact that I dont have a significant other, and drive it towards more productive and optomistic things to make myself feel better without one. any applicants to make my decisions for me?


Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is April and well I really don't have any experience making decisions for other. Quite frankly I can hardly make them for my self, but I guess I get by and that is all that really matters even if I change my mind five minutes later. Anyways what i am trying to get at is that i would like to apply for the position that you currently have open. My skills are nunchucks and playing recorder. What can I bring to this job and why would I be best well i am a sarcastic bitch and well i am damn good lookign I am sure you would like to get with me.
Yours Truly,

Oh yeah you can contact me by phone or email

Anonymous said...

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