My birthday is in a month.

So, just in case you didnt pick it up already, my birthday is in a month. Well, to be exact a month minus one day. Oct. 15th. Isnt that so terribly exciting! woot. Im going to be 21, and i feel 12, is that normal? Lol. Anyways I had my interview for the position of Human Resources Coordinator - Data and Records today and it went suprisingly well. Whatever happens I am happy with the way it went so thats almost all that matters. So it was sunny out i thought "hey it should be warm enough to go out there without a parka on.".....boy was i WRONG. its bloody freezing! what happened to spring/summer and fall? Im still waiting for all of those seasons to come, nevermind winter again already!! hooooooly, somtimes I wonder why I live here. Haha. Well ya know whats cool? Cool is sitting in the staff computer room talking to no one on messenger other then your girlfriend sitting RIGHT next to you. No seriously though, it really is quite awesome. Everyone is so jealous. ADRIENNE I LOVE YOU!!! haha. creepy. Anyways, im out. I made cookies without burning them, I deserve an award because that seriously has never happened before.