Accepting Applications - this is not a joke

Ok...this is it. Another one of those "laying it all out on the table" deals. So..heads up.

Since I have been writing a lot lately about what other people have, what I do not have, What I don't like in general..I'm going to change it up here. So here it goes with what I DO want. Who knows how it will work out, I sure don't.

Anyways this will be (hopefully) the one and only time I say this....ever..sooo listen up.

I want a boy friend. Or a boyfriend. It doesn't matter. I used to have a lot of guy friends growing up and I really miss the simplicity. Not that girls aren't spectacular ( I mean comon I'm one of them so we are obviously perfect.) Buuuut..I miss it none the less. I have found as of late that I have been drastically lowering my standards and have been completely shocked by the results. Now for clarification purposes, when I refer to "standards" I simply mean what I find attractive in a persons CHARACTER. Lately I have been going for guys that In my mind are the worst possible choice (i.e lacking some major social skills) and you know what I have found? They are even MORE picky when it comes to looks then the vainest drop dead gorgeous guys out there. Ha, and I thought they were single because they lacked character. Turns out they are waiting for their Swimsuit model gf they developed through some computer program to pop out of the screen. Reality check boys. Get a grip. So what I am looking for are as follows:

I want a guy that has a passion for SOMETHING. I don't care what it is. From Basketball to lawn bowling, Guitars to flutes, drawing to writing, excavating to unclogging really doesnt matter. What is important is that you posses something in your mind that focuses on things other then just "hanging out and partying and smokin bluntz and girls...etc." these things are not hobbies, they are merely ways for bland people to waste their lives away. Don't get me wrong, going out and having a good time is definitely important, but it is not something that we need to dedicate our lives to. That spiel is so old, so don't even get me started.

Secondly. Yes it is possible to be friends with the opposite sex who you are not attracted to. I think that one basically explains itself so why don't you give it a shot. I mean you aren't friends with your guy friends because you find them good looking....or are you?

Sense of humor is a bit important, but what is more important is that you laugh at my jokes whether you think it’s funny or not. It’s really not that hard, just like this. Ha...ha...ha? right. next

Honesty and integrity are two really important things to me. I think all solid friendships and relationships are both built on a foundation of trust. If you really gave me a chance and took the time to get to know me, you would find a girl who though appears shy at first (though not for long..its more like a nanosecond) is bursting with energy, passion for life and learning, and so much love for my family and friends its almost incomprehensible.

I love to laugh (most of the time it is at myself). I love everything music related. I enjoy playing the piano and trumpet but my musical passion is singing. I also enjoy Graphic Design, photography, movies, tennis, biking, camping, concerts, the ocean, the rockies and a plethora of other things. (wow..this is really starting to sound like a want ad isn't it. oh well, I'll roll with it.)

I really haven't asked for a lot here. With all my heart I just want to meet a guy I can get along with and laugh with. Seems like these days I could be asking far to much. Am I really all that bad? What is it, am I scary? I can tone the scare factor down a bit if you like. Do any of you exist? Or is this just completely a lost cause? Maybe I need to learn a skill some people refer to as "flirting". I like to call it cheese, but hey if that’s what it takes then I am down. Lessons anyone? Any flirting masters out there? Here I come Dr.Phil (he seems pretty fly).

Oh wow. I scare myself sometimes. This is a pretty ridiculous post, please don't laugh to much (just for the record this isn't one of my jokes so don't worry about laughing this time, I'll let you know when you can.)

That's it for the night. Have fun reading my chapter book. Congratulations if you made it this far without leaving.


Geo said...

I love the way you wrote this post. Very funny yet so true. It's been a while, how are you?